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What Degree is Right for me? Advice-$5, Jokes Free

What degree is right for me and what isn’t, is a serious matter, no jokes. Here will be a lot of meaningful talk about it in coming paragraphs but for now, catch the free stuff first as promised.

Stick to this page and I hope you are gonna like it all. OR otherwise ..

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So, you are here. Come on! this shit is very interesting. Enjoy! 🙂

The story starts ..

‘It was one fine evening, many people were on the deck.’

Some of them were having evening tea, some were enjoying telescope views, and others were chatting, enjoying the fresh air. Also, some children were busy playing around.

This is one of those days when the aircraft was not invented yet and people used to travel abroad by ship for the tourism or other purposes.

The ocean was calm, everything was going very well. The ship’s captain was also very happy.

Suddenly, a noise arises. “Help! help .., save.. somebody help. my child.. plz! help..” Everyone comes running towards that. And there was a mother crying for help, whose child slips into the sea from the deck. And now diving in the deep water.

Now everyone is watching that kid drowning. But nobody is coming forward to save him due to the fear of the death (sea). ٓAll of a sudden, a Sardarji from the crowd howls, “Waheguru ..“, and jumps into the sea. He then somehow manages into the sea.

During all that, the crew reaches along with its pieces of equipment. They throw the ropes down and pull up the Sardarji with the drowning kid on the deck. The child is rescued. It saved his life and his mother then look quite thankful, relaxed.

All the eyes are now at the Sardarji with a supplemental view. The sound of the appreciations could be heard clearly in the air. ‘One precious life is saved..’ , ‘What an act of humanity ..’ , ‘Sardarji did a great job ..’, etc, etc.

Everyone thank Sardarji on his great act. People then encircled him, “You are a brave man, that you jumped into the sea all alone (without any help) to save the young one.”, says the crowd. “You tell us your other brave adventures and stories.” They all were excited.

But Sardarji looks at his bad rescuing. He is literally panting. Replied, “Oh! aah.. that I tell you. First of all, you people tell me who gave me a push (into the sea).?” 😀 😀

It is what exactly happens with the majority of our students. They are usually pushed not guided. They are pushed to study what they study. Who cares, what degree is right for me?

They study because their parents have pushed them to study certain kind of subjects/degrees. Because they have no idea what to and what not to study. Another type is of those students who are, unfortunately, pushed by the bad circumstances to study certain kind of degrees. In which normally they don’t have an interest, nor a temperament support.

Apart from the joke, knowing that what degree is right for me, isn’t a joke at all. Students should have to spend their time and real efforts towards making a right decision. Especially, when their teachers in the school/college aren’t performing their job to guide them properly.

For that, we have designed a psychological quiz that could (to some extent) help you people in getting the right answers. This quiz will help in finding the answers, i.e. What degree is right for me?  What should I study at college?  What should I major in? etc.

So, if you are ready to take this quiz now, start from the below. Try to be clear and certain while choosing the combinations. Spend enough of the time in making each selection.


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