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Privacy Privacy Policy

Frostfairs privacy guidelines are referred to the course of actions we perform when you connect with us or use our services. It includes the information we collect, technologies we use to perform this assortment, the usage of that information, the imposition and the fulfillment.

Of course, your secrecy is as important to us, as it is to you.

Get the head into the following sections to discover our code of practices to secure your privacy:

Information We Collect & Use

We collect & use the information that:

  • You allow us to collect via your browser
  • You allow us to collect by yourself intentionally

While you’re visiting the your browser sends us some information about you. This is the general information that we use to recognize your taste, your culture, your attitude, your behavior, your like & dislikes along with your psychological manners. This help us to put forward our best suggestions and recommendations.

Besides the general information, we do collect some of your personal data from those who are up to share their information with us. This data would be categorized as your e-mail address, your cell number, your qualification, your destinies of choice, etc.

Remember, if you’re browsing as just a visitor, you’re anonymous to us. And giving us the only information about you, as you set your browser to allow us to get, you concerned less. Whereas If you have subscribed to our e-mail list, you’re a part of Then we’d suggest you to head into our Terms of Services to know more about our rights and liabilities.

Technology We Deploy & Operate

Before describing anything, let we make it clear that we do not use any kind of prohibited technologies and bots to collect information about you.

We use cookies, an application that is operated on web browsers. You can cancel or off it at any time from your web browsers if you do not want to share your details with us. On the other hand, it is better to let it work as it helps your loved web sites to provide you a better user experience every new time you make a visit.

We use analytic programs, a similar kind of technology which tell us who you are and what should be presented to you in order to give you the best web experience ever.

Your Choice & Decision

Above all, it is your choice and decision. Either what you want to share with us, what you want to hide and what we should ask you to tell us.

If in your best opinion, you should hide the facts we are inquiring, you may choose to leave the site at any time. On the other hand, if you want to give some suggestions and advises to us, we are opening our arms to receive them. Please write us at any time: info[at]

For further concerns, please look into our Terms of Services.