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Revised on: March 29, 2017 takes its users’ online privacy as important, as it is to them. We are committed to protect and guard your personal information in order to provide you a fully secured online experience with us.

Our privacy statement is referred to the course of actions we perform when you connect with us or use our services. It describes how we collect the personal information you provide, the purpose, the usage, the sharing of that information and how do we make sure that you’re secure. It also explains your choices pertaining to the collection of information, its use, and how it is treated. Plus, it outlines the technologies we use to perform this assortment, the imposition and the fulfillment.

Get the head into the following sections to discover our code of practices to secure your privacy.


The Information We Collect and Use

The purpose of collecting the user data is primarily to provide a powerful and rich user experience. It helps us understanding what our users’ want, what are they seeking for, their interest and expectations to satisfy their true needs. We always collect & use the information with your permissions and treat it sensitive to share unless otherwise required by law. This information can be categorized into the information that you allow us to collect anonymously via your web browsers. And the information you allow us to collect with your consent by yourself when you subscribe for our blog updates, newsletters, and promotions. Besides, we have none to do with the information that any third-party vendor or advertiser collects when you visit a page that serves a third-party advertisement.


Users’ Provided Data

Besides the general information, we do collect some of the personal information like name, e-mail address from the users who’d like to join and be a part of community. This sort of data is only requested & collected from the users who are discretionary up to share their information with us.

Remember, if you’re browsing as just a visitor, you’re anonymous to us. And providing us the only information about you, as you set your browser to allow us to get, you concerned less. Whereas, if you have also subscribed to our blog, you’re a part of, which is subject to our Terms of Use.



While you’re visiting the your web browser sends us some information about you. This is the general information that we use to recognize demographic trends, a users’ taste, culture, attitude, behavior, like & dislikes along with the psychological manners of our users when they move around our website. This help us to enhance user experience, improve the performance of our website, keep up the site security analyze our users’ preferences and to put forward our best suggestions and recommendations in front of them.

For this, we use cookies. A cookie is a small program that is inserted into your hard drive by a website and it runs on your web browser to track your movements when you visit and stay on that website.

Nearly all web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. But if you want, you can change your preferences from your browser’s settings to accept or not to accept cookies from specific websites. And if you refuse to accept cookies from you may have certain features down in that case, which will result in a bad user experience. In other words, this is the program that tells us who are you, and what should be presented to you in order to give you a better web experience.


Data Security and Integrity

We strictly protect all of the collected information from theft, loss, misuse, or unauthorized access. All the precautionary measures are taken to safeguard your personal information, submitted to us.


Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect any information from the children about them who are at under the age of 13. Or if, we discover something like that, we’ll remove it from our records with no further delays.


Your Decisions and Choices

Above all, it is totally your choice and decision. Either if what do you want to share with us, or what do you want to hide. Or what should your respond on what we request you to tell us. If in your best opinion, you should hide the facts we are inquiring or requesting. You may choose to leave the site at any time.


Queries About Our Privacy Policy

If you want to give some suggestions and advises or you have any questions or concerns by taking our privacy policy, we’re here to hear you. Please feel free to write us at privacy [at] frostfairs [dot] com any time.


Changes in Our Privacy Policy

We may update our policy guidelines time to time, to keep up and improve our privacy standards. Please keep a closer look at this page to be aware of any future change or update.