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The declaration of terms of Use is the pronouncement of rights and responsibilities of Frostfairs crew, between you and led by our Privacy Policy.

If you’re visiting you’re agreeing to our Terms. Please read carefully up to end.


Privacy Statement

We protect your confidential information while you’re working with us.

Being your legal prosecutor we consider your privacy of very importance. Hence, all the information that is shared with us told to us or written to us will be treated as sensitive-to-share unless or otherwise, you allow us to do that. Take a broader look here to get to know our privacy policies.


Publishing Statement

Primarily is built to fed you the stuff that is needed to finish the consultancy needs of those, who want to study abroad. However, if you see the furthermore information on Frostfairs, that is because to finish your curiosity needs. But this never means of irrelevancy.


Statement of rights & liabilities

This portion covers our rights and liabilities, may arise, if you intend to choose our expert services after reading the website. Take a time and look closely.

All the information, we gather, present or publish on this website is purely intended to increase your knowledge with a sense of counseling to the needy people. According to our strict publishing policy, we follow an authoritarian system before publishing any content live.

We do not hide the facts, we do not malfunction the truth. Even after anything stated found, we may not hesitate to remove that detail from our website. You can draw out intention to that by Email.

We are not hereby responsible or liable for any occurrence, after reading any piece of knowledge from our website. Similarly, all the benefits or advantages are also not meant for us. We have none to do with any loss or damages, nor profit or interests, arisen after any actionable step of information. Be careful in taking any step. We suggest you to do a justified amount of research before clutching.

We preserved all the rights of©2016 according to the copyright act 1968. We can alter, amend, edit, delete, remove, merge or replace any piece of information after a sole intention of our chief editor and without presenting any reason.

You information (e-mail, contact no. etc) that doesn’t include your confidential information (address, identity, etc ) would be used to contact you. Or otherwise, be shared with our third party vendors for a good purpose and thought.


Disclosures & Disclaimers

We have got the miscellaneous disclosures and disclaimers for you to a must understand:

  • It does not arise any responsibility on us if one was the legitimate program when we reported and then found in any fraudulent activeness afterward.
  • We strongly disown any kind of warranties, guarantees, contracts, certificates, responsibilities, assurances or justifications we made or will be in future, either implied or expressed, that are permitted by law.
  • We are not any kind or agent, liaison, broker or intermediary but yes your counselor if you needed our connoisseur advises or guidance.
  • In the same manner, we are not liable to any kind of act if taken and then desired to be taken off or undo or redo, etc.