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    99 Things You Need for College Campus Living (College Dorm Checklist)

    Just moving to college?

    And wondering,

    what to bring to college and what not?

    Alright, ok.

    You can use this checklist to make sure you have all the things you need for college campus living.

    This list includes all the things you need for college or the things needed for college as a freshman.

    I call it uncensored dorm checklist.

    It’s probably because you got the control here. Keep or remove anything putting your necessities and priorities up front.

    As, far away from your home, you have to settle and run another small home for yourself.

    Though temporarily, but you need all the necessary things there that you can use in everyday work. Nah? Moreover, if you need a word see also how you can preserve some fortune for yourself.

    How to Know What Things You Need for College Apartment And What Not?

    The easiest way is to sit relax and imagine your 24 hours (day/night) routine in your college dorms.

    Some quick ideas will pop up in your mind. And you’ll be getting clear gradually about the things you need for college.

    This would serve as a good start.

    Rest assured, you can always come to this page and tick those items you had added already into your packing list. And find out those you are just missing.

    Of course, you’ll not be given separate rooms. All you have to do is to manage in a single room.

    All of your mess for one medium sized room. Which is sometimes a shared room. Though the trends are changing, but still it is where you (sometimes) have to bear one or more other students too.

    And you people have to divide and turn that single room into a whole (building) home of yours. Here’s the wise (separations) checklist to consider.

    Let me break it into the building blocks of your college dorms.

    Bed - Sleep Gadgets

     Bed Linen/ Comforter /bedspreads/ Duvet
     Beside Alarm clock/ Alarm Clock Radio
     Beside Table/ Tripod Lamp
     Drying Racks
     Fitted Sheets/ Flat Sheets
     Mattress Pad/ Foam Pad
     Oscillating Desk Fan
    Pillow Cases
     Storage Boxes/ Storage Drawers/ Storage Bins
     Trashcan/ Trashcan Cabinet
     Storage Drawers/ Under the Bed Storage Boxes
    Wall Hangings/ Calendar Boards

    Desk - Work Tools

     Bulletin Board/ Cork board
     Camera/ Lens/ Selfie-Stick/ Camera Holder
     Cell phone/ Tablet
     Data Transfer Cables/ Ethernet Cables/ Other cords
     Desktop Sorters/ Desktop Trays/ Stackable Desk Trays
     Dry-Erase Board/ Dry-Erase Tape
     Extension Cords/ Surge Protector
     Grounding Plug Adapter/ Prong Adapter
     Hands Free/ Headphones
     Index Cards/ Index Card Box
     iPod/ MP3 Player
     Laptop/ iPad/ Printer
     Marker Pens/ Highlighter Pens
     Notebooks/ Diaries
     Paper Clips/ Magnet/ Fasteners/ Binder Clips
     Pen Pot/ Pencil Holder/ Desk Tidies
     Pencil Sharpener / Blade
     Pens/ Pencils/ Crayons
     Pocket Folders
     Postage Stamps/ Postage Envelopes
     Printer Paper
     Rubber Bands
     Scotch Tape/ Magic/ Dispenser
     Stapler & Staples
     Sticky Notes
     Storage Drives/ Memory Drives/ Memory Cards/ External Hard Drives/ USB/ Flash Drives
     Study Lamp/ Desk Lamp/ Work Lamp
     Tacks/ Push Pins
     Tags/ Labels/ Stickers
    Woofers/ Speakers/ Audio Equipment/ Sound Devices

    Room - Lounge Ornaments

     LCD / LED TV
     Sceneries/ Posters /Creative Art Designs
    Sofacum/ Couch /Cushions

    Lobby - Entrance knickknacks

     Floor runners

    Cabinet - Wardrobe Items

     Flip-Flops/ Slippers
     Gloves/ Knit Caps/ Hats/ Blanket Wraps/ Scarfs
     Hanger/ Holder/ Valet Stand
     Jackets/ Sweaters
     Lint Brush
     Shirts/ T-Shirts/ Blouses
     Shoes/ Formal-Casual-Dress/ Boots/ Sneakers
     Sweatpants/ Sweatshirts/ Undershirts
    Underwear/ Panties

    Kitchen - Dining utensils

     Bin Bags/ Kitchen Trash Bags/ Garbage Bags
     Bowls/ Cups/ Mugs/ Plates
     Coffeemaker/ Oven/ Freezer
     Dish Wash Bar/ Dish Wash Liquid/ Dish Wash Detergents
     Empty Bottles/ Bottle Opener/ Can Opener
     Flatware/ Silverware/ Utensils/ Hot Pot
     Kitchen paper / Paper towels
     Multipurpose Cleaner
     Plastic Storage Bins/ Plastic Storage Bags/ Totes/ Baskets/ Cubes/ Containers
     Tissue Paper Sheets/ Tissue Paper Rolls
    Wet Towel/ Wet Wipes/ Moist Towelette/ Flushable Wipes/ Cleansing Clothes

    lavatory - Bathroom Accessories

     Antacid/ Acid Reducers
     Aspirin/ Analgesic/ Painkiller
     Bath Caddies/ Bathtub Caddies
     Cotton Swabs
     Cough Syrup
     Hair Accessories/ Bands/ Brush/ Chain/ Clips/ Comb/ Curling Iron/ Dryer/ Straightener/ Waver
     Hair Care Products
     Laundry Bag /Laundry Hamper/ Laundry Basket/ Laundry Sorter
     Laundry Soda/ Laundry Detergent Powder/ Laundry Detergent Soap/ Fabric Softener
      Natural Minerals/ Vitamins
     Razor/ Razor Blades
     Shampoo/ Conditioner
     Shaving Foam/ Shaving Cream/ Shaving Soap
     After Shave/ Shaving Lotion/ Moisturizer
     Soap Dispenser/ Soap Dish/ Soap Case/ Soap Container
     Soaps (Bath Soaps) / Bath Salts/ Bath Lotions
     Tape Bandages/ Elastic Adhesive Bandages/ Antibacterial Ointments
     Tooth Floss/ Toothbrush/ Toothpastes
     Towel (Bath Towel)
    Tweezers/ Nail Clippers

    Misc. add-ons

     Emergency Lights
     Energy Saver Bulbs
     Mini Sewing Kit
     Mini Toolkit
     Mirror Hangers / Picture Hangers
     Sports Equipment

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