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17 Ways of How to Make Money While Traveling?

Money matters! Yes, but how to make money while traveling matters the most. You agree?

Maybe you’re off to somewhere, have lost your budget, there you need to have some money to avoid spoiling your trip. OR you are studying abroad where you’re running out of your educational expenses. OR you’re a travel buddy who travels often and want to create a constant income stream while traveling.

And for all you know is,

“you want to know how to make money while traveling. If that’s what it is, stick to this page and your bank accounts will thank you later.”

Alright, If you are in the middle of your decision phase, I want to tell you that there are many professions that can help you in making money while you’re traveling the world. Some are preferred over others but with a little extra effort, you can turn your current profession to a revolving wheel of money to ride on.

And right now here I have the partial list (followed by a huge list, which will cover the greatest ways) of making money while traveling. Catch ’em up!

17. Work and Make Money by Completing Micro Jobs: Microworkers is a platform that you need to join and get the micro jobs done available there. It typically takes few seconds and on successful completion, you have to submit a proof. After it is approved, your account will be credited.

16. Accept Tasks And Offer Your Services Online: What special skills you have got? It’s time to show your talent to the public. With Fiverr, you can make money by showcasing your marketable skills online. It could be anything which people are willing to spend money on. On the other hand, you can accept simple tasks for $$$.

15. Turning Your Photography Passion to Cash: If you are good at it, take a walk around and make some good clicks. Afterward, upload them to the stock websites under a royalty-free (RF) license. You’ll get a commission on a single download. Some of the popular stock websites are Shutterstock, iStockPhotos, Fotolia, GettyImages, Dreamstime, etc.

14. Marketing & Promoting a Business On the Internet: This could be from solely promoting a business to opening an online marketing agency. You can set your own limits, there are already dozens of online marketers around who are making millions of dollars by promoting a business on the internet. Different channels are Social media marketing, Content marketing, etc.

13. Graphics and Web Designing: Sitting anywhere in the world, designing websites and (or) graphics is truly a fun way of making money. Don’t even need to worry about where to sell them. If you have your connections (definitely you’d have) it would be another leverage. To get a start you can display your work on Creative Market, Envato, Theme Forest, Red Bubble and Graphic River. These are considered the top marketplaces on the earth. While Inkd and Society6 are some others if you are thinking for more.

12. Online Tutoring: Unlike traditional tutoring, this does not confine on teaching integrated academic courses only. You can teach anything you know, spread your knowledge in any category you fall into. Like you can give lectures online about anything on Skillshare, Udemy, and Takelessons. These lectures could be in the form of courses, tutorials, recorded videos, podcasts. And could be about a critical equation of physics, a complicated mathematical problem, about designing, creating, Yoga, fitness, bakery, anything. There’s a guy named John Chow who claimed to make money online by teaching others how to make money online. What least are you expecting?

11. Working as Telecommuting Translator: Google Translator and Bing Translator are two big names in the translation industry. The good thing is that if you know multiple languages at the same and have a great command on them you can make a huge sum by helping one of the above-stated services. As the other option, go for Unbabel, they pay $8 per hour for translation the small texts. Others include Proz, Translation Directory, Gengo, and Conyac. Translate the scripts from anywhere in the world and make money online while exploring the globe.

10. Making Money Freelancing: Become a freelancer if you want to enjoy the total freedom in your work and travel. You can manage either when do you want to work and when do you have to take rest. Where you are landing and in which part of the world are you flying. You can even complete your assignment during the flight, at the airport lobby or on the beach. Some great resources to accept the freelance projects and enhance your goodwill as a freelancer are: Upwork, Guru, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Freelancer,  People Per Hour, Toptal, Demand Media, Simply Hired, College Recruiter, etc.

9. Selling Hot Products Online: Opening an online store on Etsy, Ebay, Overstock, and Bonanza is very easy. After that, you can sell your own homemade products, you can watch the history charts and follow the latest trends there. Or find the products of others that are in more demand and start reselling them on your store. Shopify, Goodsie, and Amazone are some other alternatives to kick-start your online venture.

8. Design & Sell T-Shirts Online: Another good way of building passive income stream is to create exceptional designs for t-shirts and sell them online. Unlike others, it is a little trendy. Who knows some day some of your design might get viral and open a constant money channel for you. Go for Threadless, Society6, TeeSpring, CafePress, SpreadShirt, and Zazzle  for the instant solution.

7. Launch an e-Magazine: Just like paper magazines, people love to read the digital magazines on their digital devices. If you are good at it, launch an e-mag on Issuu, find your readers and share interesting stories with them. You can share your travel moments, interesting adventures or maybe some other amusing anecdote. Magpile, Blurb, and MagCloud are some other useful resources.

6. Sell Domains & Websites: Flippa is an online marketplace of domains, websites, and mobile apps where a massive business is being done on daily basis. Open an account there and start selling any one of them or all of them at the same. You can participate in online auctions of domain names, established or even new webs & apps. Just like other commodities, you can list and sell them as bulk too.

5. Write an eBook And Sell Online: Get your natural juices flowing, put your knowledge on the pages, sort it in an eBook format (PDF, Kindle, EPUB, MOBI) and sell on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. If name some other online eBook publishing platforms it would be, Scribd,  ClickBank, and Payhip. However, Lulu, eBookIt, BookBaby, Kobo, and Smashwords are some of the amazing self-publishing tools for the independent writers who write while traveling the world.

4. Make Money Blogging: Blogging is one of the most popular and adopted ways of making money while traveling the world. Some bloggers who travel and blog call it living a laptop lifestyle, others call living from home, etc. All you have to do is to set up your blog, choose a topic and start writing. There are several income streams, you can give them a try to monetize your blog after that.

3. Program Mobile Applications: Program a mobile app, it could be a travel application as this is your area of interest, maybe a game or any other that you think could add a real value in the life of the people. The rest is easy, tag a price and upload it to the App Store, Google Play or any other Mobile Apps Marketplace, namely Codecanyon by Envato, and Codester, etc.

2. Develop a Software And Sell Online: Are you a Developer? Then create a software that this world needs the most. Could be SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Join Ecwid to promote and sell your developed software online. Other notable industry standards are 3DCard, Sellfy, SendOwl, etc.

1. Make Money Vlogging: Vlogging is a kind of blogging where the posts are created in the form of videos only. Popular Vlogging platform is Videofy, sign up and set your Vlog there. On the other hand, you can always create your self-hosted Vlog by registering your own domain and buying a hosting account.


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