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22 Best Travel Apps of 2022 You Need to Download Right Now


22 Best Travel Apps of 2022 You Need to Download Right Now

The Best Travel Apps for your next travel?

You guys might either be planning or thinking of going on a trip.

And to make it the cheapest, happiest, and craziest one, you need the best of the best travel apps on your phone. right?

OK, ok, ok.

Whether it is travel planning, flight booking, hotel reservation, currency exchange, or directions.

I'll take you through all the best available options in the tech advancement we've so far in 2022.

Further, I'll suggest the best free solutions for your needs. And point out the abrupt pitfalls people often get across.

Just stay with me to the end.

The Best Travel Apps 2022 That Make Traveling 90-Times Easier

There are hundereds of apps on App Store and Google play, labled as top travel apps or best free travel apps.

Would you want to try all one by one?

On the contrary, you wanna be smart and have an optimal recipe of the best apps for travel.

Lucky you, here, you'll get it.

Regardless, if you are traveling for adventure purposes, business or study abroad. It'll make your life much easier.



With TripIt, you can manage the records, track and keep your things to do on your front.

For example, your bookings, flights, hotel reservations, and other pre-departure things. In short all the things and everything unless you’re planning to spin around the galaxies. : )

TripIt pulls the information from the confirmation emails.

If you have booked a hotel, flight, car, or restaurant. You will definitely receive a confirmation email from the provider. All you need to do is, send those emails to TripIt and you have just done.

On getting the permissions (from emails) this app collects the information about anything you have booked. And creates a customized itinerary of your trip, which will update automatically.

You will be able to see all of your updated information in one place. And in a better position to manage and take necessary actions.

let say, your flight is delayed or in a worse situation canceled. You will receive a notification about that. And your personal itinerary too will be updated respectively.

Further, you can also follow other people on TripIt to hook up with them. Or add/allow them to have an eye on your feed.

Like if someone is coming giving you a pickup from the airport. But due to bad weather, your flight is not on time. They will get to know this along with you and could be able to reschedule their activities.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Here are two things that can excite you within Airbnb culture.

1. Stays
2. Experiences

Stays are simply the accommodation of something like your home.

You get it.

It could either be a room, a portion, or an entire home with or without pets allowed, etc. However, it pleases you.

And or self-check-ins too, i.e. go and get it.

Whereases, the experiences involve charming locals who can immensely enhance your travel experience.

They either have special skill sets, knowledge, or inside access to the sights or places you want to visit.

I'm sure you'd love to have this app all the time while traveling.

Available free on iOS and Android.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

Install this app on your phone Just in Case.

You heard it.

This app is useful just in case you check out for the airport and your flight delays at the last minute.


Just in case you lose a train and the next one is coming after 24 hours or so.

And also, just in case you omit planning for a night stay on your favorite spot.

Then this app can surprise you by finding the best hotel deals nearby for tonight in less than 10 seconds.

Although, this app can be useful for more than that but have it just in case if you have everything else got covered.

You're not gonna regret it.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Hopper is popular among the travel community because of its price prediction intelligence.

This smart app can predict the prices for flights straight up to a year in advance with great (95% right) accuracy.

Cool, isn't it?

Based on your given info, the hopper's prediction algorithm recommends to you when is the best time to buy.

Like, book now or wait for a little longer maybe.

And if you'd have to wait, don't worry, it's going to be a stress-free time too.

Because when it is just the right time to book a flight, Hopper will tell you to grab it via notification.

Thus, saving you a lot of money, time, and mental fatigue in finding or booking cheap flights.

Try this coolest app on your next travel journey and explore its other best features too.

Available free on iOS and Android.



You'll find most people on the web confusing this useful travel package app with the hopper app.

While the way most travel apps work and their technologies operate in a kinda similar way.

Yet there are a few charms associated exclusively with every single travel app out there.

So while telling you why this app is on my top 10 best travel apps list. I'll simply compare the Skyscanner app with the hopper app.

In a Skyscanner Vs Hopper quest, hopper helps you find the cheapest flights, when and how to grab them.

While Skyscanner helps in making the cheapest trip by giving you the best flight, hotel, and car deals. A whole package.

For that, Skyscanner assists you to compare the flight prices for a given location. Best hotel deals and car rentals in that area.


All three major pillars of the travel industry i.e. from your home to airport, from airport to your hotel. And then back.

Now it's up to you to find out which one works the best for you.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Hope you guessed it from the name. Ya?

Well as the name suggests, Packpoint is the packing list planner or luggage organizer app.

Just tell it your destination, how long you're going to stay, your planned trip activities and that's it.

Packpoint will organize everything you need to pack for that trip.

The good thing is that you can even connect it with other travel apps like TripIt to work it on auto-pilot.

Packpoint will then organize your packing list based on your Tripit plans and it won't even have to ask you a thing.

Isn't that awesome?

Available free on iOS and Android.

Xe Currency

Xe Currency

It is your complete finance and currency conversion solution. Offering multiple currency conversions with up to 10 currencies at one time.

If talk about some other useful features, “Xe Rate Advisor” comes as a handy tool to rate and compare. You can use it to compare the provider’s conversion with the rational sum of yours.

You can also create and monitor the alerts to watch out the market move.

The best is, it is capable of deriving calculations without even having a data connection. If you have your previously stored rates in the app, it may not need an internet connection at all.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Citymaps2go is among some of the best travel apps that work without an internet connection.

Once you’ve installed, it can perfectly work offline.

CityMaps2Go serves as a local guide. Helps in finding directions, discovering hidden beauty spots tells the relevant stories. Give suggestions and useful reviews from others with the same interest.

From thousands of detailed maps, you can preload as much of your desire as you want. And find out more about your surroundings by walking down the streets virtually.

Available free on iOS and Android.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Helps you translating the routine words and phrases.

You can quickly translate the words from images, signboards, hoardings or billboards, etc.

By placing your device camera in front of the text, it will return an instant translation of the word.

If somehow it doesn’t work, you can also draw those letters or figures (foreign language) with your hand on the application interface. It will then quickly detect the right word and return you the meaning in your language.

The story continues to grow, its “Converse Hands-free” tool is still here to talk about. In a situation, you can feed Google Translate a conversational language. And it will amaze you by auto-detecting and then auto-translating into yours.

Featuring about 90 different languages of the world. With downloadable language packs to use the app in an area with no internet connection. It also has language bookmark support.

For a deep learning, Bravolol & Duolingo are some other useful language apps. Work best if you use them with Google Translate.

Available free on iOS and Android.



One of the most trending social application is now getting more & more viral.

You must have this while traveling to share your moments with your friends, virtual hangouts, gossips. And to catch the latest trends in mainstream and social media.

No matter if you are in a place where the internet isn’t available or you’re facing a slow speed connection. You can always save your Snapchats to upload some other time.

Available free on iOS and Android.

Bonus: Alright, if you are a geeky traveler. I'm reviewing and adding another cool application as a bonus point. I hope you gonna like this a little more.



You can literally save your precious money by not spending it three different times, on three different things at odds.

While it is possible to save all of it with Couchsurfing and accomplish the purpose in a more fun way.

Three things, yeah: accommodation, guide, and loneliness.

If you travel alone and often, this is one of the best travel apps, where you can get most of it while traveling.

Couchsurfing helps in finding the local hosts (mostly the travelers who are back in their town) to stay with them instead of staying in hotels or hostels.

And because the hosts are normally the like-minded people. They would love to guide you to explore their town in a most creative way.

And finally, for the reason that you are traveling alone. Instead of having to overcome your isolation with technology (the internet, laptop, etc.). You can spend your time with your hosts to make your trip a best-ever memory.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Traveling to Europe?

Then it is highly unlikely that you are gonna avoid Europe's most scenic train journeys. OR breathtaking ferry rides.

Do you? I bet, not.

And this is where Omio comes in.

Omio helps you find the cheapest tickets for trains, buses, planes, and ferries.

Not only that, but you can also compare the tickets for all these traveling modes of the same route.

And choose or switch between the rides whichever offers a better price to take you from one place to the other. Isn't it crazy?

Saving money on plane, bus, train, and ferry ticket is one thing. Omio also serves as a local guide.

It helps plan your tour within Europe (U.S and Canada) by guiding you to the next tourist attraction from a point.

Providing the intelligence-based estimates that how much that trip can cost if you go?

Available free on iOS and Android.

Booking.Com is by far one of the most popular accommodation booking app, both on Google Play and App Store.

Wonder if it is the catchy domain name that makes it most famous?

Ya, well, maybe.

But largely due to the wide range of lodging facilities that are available as per your needs or desires.

It involves all sort of accommodations including hotel bookings, vacation rentals, and villas.

The best of all, they don't charge you for booking. Means, nothing need to pay upfront. And so free cancellation off course.

Alongside, car, taxi, and flight is also available on demand to enhance your experience.

They offer discounts and app exclusive deals to the first timers. But regular members get free upgrades and complimentary food also.

Now, I guess, it'd make sense to you why it is famous.

But to be honest, is aimed to make people shell out their money from their pockets.

That doesn't mean you can't find good deals here time to time when no other weapon is working for you.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Vrbo is vacation rentals specialist.

They focus on making your travel experience more rich, luxurious, and fulfilled.

Surely, we all do have some kind of fantasies to spend our holidays at a beautiful home up on the hill.

Some of us may wish a lush condo right among the bussiest city. Other may fancy a beach house or a cabin with a heavenly view.

And Vrbo makes your dream vacation homes a reality at over 2 million locations in over 190 countries.

Start from taking a quick look at the property photos. You can reach out to the property manager for more questions.

Vrbo also offers a point of contact to the property owner if you have more questions or concerns.

Long time rentals? Yes. Sharing room with other travelers? No. Group renting a property? Yes.

Besides the core operations, vrbo as an app offers many great features that makes life easier.

Wait a sec!

Does VRBO stands for 'Vacation Rentals BY Owners'?

Give it a try and lemme know.

Available free on iOS and Android.



You know what, learning a new language makes you more intelligent, this is what science says.

Guess, traveling is a good time to do that.

And if you love your brain's health, you need to have this beautiful app on your phone while traveling.

Your brain would appreciate it.

Learning a new language with Duolingo is more fun than walking naked in a strange place. But not too much : ).

Alright, Duolingo is fun and effective.

Fun, because at first glance it feels like a video game app.

Reading, listening, writing, speaking, practicing, everything is divided into bite-sized chunks.

The addition of colorful images or slides turns the whole lesson into some kind of a video game.

And effective, because of its scientific teaching methodology. That has proved Duolingo an effective language learning app over time.

Off course, you can play this video game while on a flight, or train journey, walking on a street, in free time, anytime.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Being a resident of a place is kinda amazing in a way.

Because you know the routes, and shortcut ways of the area that most people can't even imagine.

Especially, if they are not from that city, district, or town, or are foreigners in the country.

But guess what?

If you have installed this useful application on your smartphone. You are not anyway less than a local resident of that area.

Because Citymapper will help you navigate like a pro.

If you want a shotest route to your destination, or an emptiest route for a speedy travel. You'll have it.

Oh! and if you're not in hurry and wanna explore the beauty of the city among the happy individuals on bike.

There you go.

Citymappers will cater such routes for you with useful tips, tricks, and resources.

So yeah, either choose to go by bus, bike, train, ferry, car, or walking.

You'll be amazed in a whole new way on those routes with citymappers.

Available free on iOS and Android.

Google Maps

Google Maps

While most people have this app on their phone by default.

But if by any chance you don't have it.

Lemme tell you how handy this wonderful app could be when you are away from your home. Having little or no practical knowledge about your new place.

Since most navigation apps out there have limits. Some operate in a few cities, others in a few countries only.

But because this app is by the technology Giant Google. You can hardly imagine any place missing.

If you are looking for a top business or place within the neighborhood.

I bet the best ones would already be there. And chances are, lots of locals would have rated and given reviews about that already.

Just stick to Google maps, and you'll find everything in it that all other fancy nav apps have altogether.

And hey! I'm not going to count its features here. Like you can have offline maps, discover good diners, traffic, tours, ride, roads, NO.

You are gonna find almost anything and everything you need relating to nav.

And most of all, it is dependable.

Because it is Google. 😉

Available free on iOS and Android.



Waze, its popularity is that it informs you about the happenings on the road in real-time and police.

Speaking of changes, it includes heavy or low traffic, crashes, or construction on the road.

Does that sound exciting to you?

Then go for this app. Because it also alerts about traffic tolls, speed limits, and cheap gas within the area on your way.

Basically, Waze is a community of drivers or people who spend most of their time on the roads.

And if any of them see anything happening in his/her area, he/she feeds that to the Waze community.

And the rest of that is just Waze's software magic to deliver the alters to all users heading to that area.

Interesting? I know.

But the fact that I'm about to tell you is even more interesting.

Waze is also owned by Google.

Means, a good one, yep.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Traveling is all about places and people. Ya?

And this app, meetup, becomes a more desirable travel app when you have no idea where to hook up with people in a new place.

Off course, finding like-minded people at a new location in a coffee shop or a bar would be the first thing in mind.

But that is very generic.

And often seems to work in novels or movies only.

So, why waste your time going from bar to bar or coffee shop to coffee shop when you have the Meetup app?

With meetup, you can find people having similar interest patterns near your place of stay.

This app has over 330,000 interest groups.

Tens of thousands of events, meetups, and get-togethers by the group members/organizers.

You can filter the events of your interests, join groups, interact with members, etc.

And so hang around with the interesting people who share similar interests from 44 mil app users.

Available free on iOS and Android.



TripAdvisor as the name suggests is a good travel app that guides you on what and what not.

Lemme explain.

If you're in the begging of planning a trip, this app would guide you to the places you should visit first.

And then, after deciding on a place.

It'll inform you about all the charms associated with that particular place.

Including but not limited to, where to stay, what to eat, and things to do in that location.

All sorta info is derived from the guidance of millions of travelers who have been there already.

Isn't it a nice way to become a smart traveler by learning from the experiences of others?

Indeed, it is.

And this is what this smart app helps you become a smart traveler by planning things upfront.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Because we are piling the best travel apps list, I think, Grab also worth a mention in it for a reason.

But keep in mind.

It's gonna work if you're in one of the southeast asian countries only.

There, Grab is the holiest app.

No, I'm kidding. 😀

They call it a superapp and it grew to be a very popular among individuals of these countries for a shorter time.

Started in Malaysia, as a taxi-booking app, something like Uber in United States.

Now, you can book, Taxi, Food, Grocery, Package delivery and pay from within the app.

That means, it also kinda works as an online payment processor.

See if you find yourself in Singapore, or Malaysia.

Thailand maybe.

Grab the Grab from App Store or Google Play and give it a whirl.

Hope you'll like it there.

Available free on iOS and Android.



Flush is a toilet finder app.

Sounds weird?

But hey, before concluding, just understand that not every app is for everyone.

Also, if you haven't been to places where finding a clean toilet with free access is really a challenge.

You can't understand how useful this nifty app could be.

Now let's have a glance at its distinct features.

This small tool have a huge database of toilets with free, paid, and public toilets tags.

It has a clear interface, and a built-in GPS system that provide direction to the nearest facility.

Once downloaded, you are all set.

It doesn't need an internet connection to work. Which is a huge plus when you're traveling to the remote areas having poor signal.

Available free on iOS and Android.

Alright, peeps.

These were my finest recommendations for 2022's best travel apps for android, iPhone.

Let me know if you find it interesting or what are your top travel apps for iOS and Android devices?

Hit the comments button and tell me your best travel apps for flights, road trips, hotels, or for saving money.

Hey, I’m Shahzaad Kamboh, the man behind I think I'm a blogger, writer, analyst, and an art aficionado. But you can rather call me an addict, mastering the art of business administration and Injecting the love-n-hate of words-n-webs.



  1. Alex

    April 25, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Great apps! I use almost all of them! But concerning navigation I love Spyglass gps app, that has a lot of features for those who are not very good at orienting (like me). It shows your accurate position on a map and allows to save locations for tracking (e.g. your car or your hotel location). Really helpful

    • Shahzaad Kamboh

      August 3, 2018 at 12:15 am

      Thanks! I’m glad it helped.

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