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5 Best Travel Apps That Smart People Use

Why would you mess up your smartphone with all the shitty phone applications, labeled as the best travel apps in App Store or Google Play?

Well, yeah! there are hundreds of such apps out there that you install for a purpose but end up for nothing. Because many of them are no more functioning but still popping up in Play Store. OR they are working but with limited working efficiency.

And then you undergo in a situation where you need to have some more apps to get other things done. Eventually, you feel like a lack while your phone is nothing but an exploded vehicle.

On the contrary, you wanna be smart and have an optimal recipe of the best apps for travel. That should be simple straightforward because your phone’s health and performance is not a joke.

“Here are the best of the best travel apps you needed all the time while you are travelling.”

Regardless, if you’re travelling for adventure purposes, business purposes and at the same time, it applies to the students who are traveling abroad for higher studies.


5. TripIt – To Stay Organized


With TripIt, you can manage the records, track and keep your things to do on your front.

For example, your bookings, the flights, the hotel reservations, other pre-departure things and everything (unless you’re planning to spin around the galaxies. 🙂 ).

TripIt pulls the information from the confirmation emails. If you have booked a hotel, a flight, a car, restaurant, anything, you will definitely receive a confirmation email from them. All you need to do is, send those emails to TripIt and you have just done.

On getting the permissions (your forwarded emails) this application collects the information of everything you have booked. And creates a customized itinerary of your trip, which will update automatically. You will be able to see all of your updated information in one place. And in a better position to manage and take necessary actions accordingly.

let say, your flight is delayed or in a worse situation canceled, you will receive a notification about that and your personal itinerary too will be updated automatically.

Further, you can also follow other people on TripIt to hook up with them. Or add/allow them to have an eye on your feed. Like if someone is coming giving you a pickup on the airport but due to bad weather your flight is not on time, she will get to know this along with you and could be able to reschedule her activities correspondingly.


4. XeCurrency – To Stay Converted


It is your complete finance and currency conversion solution. Offering multiple currency conversions with up to 10 currencies at one time. If talk about some other useful features, “Xe Rate Advisor” comes as a handy tool to rate and compare the provider’s conversion with the rational sum of yours. You can also create and monitor the alerts to watch out the market move.

The best thing is, it is capable of deriving calculations without even having a data connection. If you have your previously stored rates in the app, it may not need an internet connection at all.


3. Citymaps2go – To Stay on the Track


Great, because it’s also awesome without an internet connection. Once you’ve installed, it can perfectly work offline. CityMaps2Go serves as a local guide, helps in finding directions, discovering hidden beauty spots, tells the relevant stories, suggestions, and useful reviews from others with the same interest.

From thousands of detailed maps, you can preload as much of your desired as you want. And find out more about your surroundings by walking down the streets virtually.


2. GoogleTranslate – To Stay Meaningful


Helps you translating the routine words and phrases. You can quickly and easily translate the words from images, signboards, hoardings or billboards, etc.

By placing your device camera in front of the text, it will return an instant translation of the word. If somehow it doesn’t work, you can also draw those letters or figures (foreign language) with your hand on the application interface. It will then quickly detect the right word and return you the meaning in your language. The story continues to grow, its “Converse Hands-free” tool is still here to talk about. In a situation, you can feed Google Translate a conversational language and it will amaze you by auto-detecting and then auto-translating into yours.

Featuring about 90 different languages of the world. With downloadable language packs to use the app in an area with no internet connection. It also has language bookmark support.

For a deep learning, Bravolol & Duolingo are some other useful language apps. Work best if you use them with Google Translate.


1. SnapChat – To Stay CONNECTED


One of the most trending social application is now getting more & more viral. You must have this while travelling to share your moments with your friends, virtual hangouts, gossips, and to catch the latest trends in mainstream and social media.

No matter if you are in a place where the internet isn’t available or you’re facing a slow speed connection, you can always save your SnapChats to upload some other time.

Bonus: Alright, if you are a geeky traveler, I’m reviewing and adding another cool application as a bonus point. I hope you gonna like this a little more.

0. Couchsurfing – To Stay SOCIAL


You can literally save your precious money by not spending it three different times, on three different things at odds. While it is possible to save all of it with Couchsurfing and accomplish the purpose in a more fun way. Three things, yeah: accommodation, guide and loneliness. If you travel alone and often, this is the best travel app, where you can get most of it while travelling.

Couchsurfing helps in finding the local hosts (mostly the travelers who are back in their town) to stay with them instead of staying in hotels or hostels. And because the hosts are normally the like-minded people, they would love to guide you to explore their town in a most creative way.

And finally, for the reason that you are travelling alone, instead of having to overcome your isolation with technology (the internet, laptop, etc.), you can spend your time with your hosts to make your trip a best ever memory.



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  1. Alex

    April 25, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Great apps! I use almost all of them! But concerning navigation I love Spyglass gps app, that has a lot of features for those who are not very good at orienting (like me). It shows your accurate position on a map and allows to save locations for tracking (e.g. your car or your hotel location). Really helpful

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