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Best Places to Study in Singapore [Free + Paid]

Before getting a long way, let me define you clearly what are you going to find in this post of ‘Best Places to Study in Singapore‘.

Here, I’ll share with you some useful ways to find out the best study spots in Singapore. So, If you’re carrying your semester abroad in Singapore and your exams are near, this post is for you. Or if you’re a local student who is living and completing studies in Singapore, this post is for you as well.

This is because,

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” –Stephen King

And I know that sometimes you people will be feeling a little lazy, unmotivated, out of inspiration. And all that you need, is a little inspiration to focus on your study.

That inspiration can come from some quiet, peaceful, inspiring study spots. And here’s how to hunt those places to study in Singapore.

What are your Expectations?

First of all, you should measure your expectations by taking the best study spots. Like some people think they are ok with if they find a seat to sit on and a table to put on (laptop, books).

But for many people, there should also be a good Wi-Fi connection. And if some power points are also available, it’ll be even good as gold.

Some other expectations include:

  • Distance from the home
  • Air-conditioning
  • Minimal noise
  • Smoking / Non-Smoking facility
  • Coffee / Tea
  • Dining / Kitchens
  • Snacks
  • late night opening
  • Baths and no fear of losing the seat & holdings on returning back.
  • You name it ..

Searching for Best Places to Study in Singapore

When you head up, finding the good places to study in, the very first thing (or the only thing) that come to your mind is probably Google, right?

You just go to the Google and type.


..and most of the time you end up having nothing. In other words, you don’t find what you’d be exactly looking. And there are some solid reasons behind.

In Google search, Google tries to give you the most closely related articles that match your search terms. And those articles serve you best most of the times but sometimes they just don’t. And that is the moment where should try something else.

I’d suggest you to not to rely on the Google search only. As you have Google’s other brilliant services too for that purpose. And the one that suits fit in here is Google maps.

Here I’ll show you the step-by-step method how I did that and how you yourself can do.

Using Google Maps to find Best Study Spots

When you’ll enter your search term in Google maps, it’ll instantly show you some great ideas. For example, when I typed:


Google maps came up with the best possible options. It was a photograph of an interior, place-name, place category, public rating (reviews) and a link to its directions from my current location.

I found myself able to save it for a later use, to send it to my study partner, for them to reach that place from their location. Or even a link to precise my search. Look into the ‘NEARBY’ link.


By scrolling down, I found some other important information about that place. I guess that information truly helps in making decisions.

Their physical address; to make me realize at what direction is it from my place. Web address; to fetch some more and up-to-date information about them from them. Their phone number; just to make sure before leaving for them. Their menu, etc.


There were even the time schedule of their whole week.


Popular Times; another important signal. It is Google’s intelligent report based on historical visits to that place. It was to realize the rush hours of that spot.  A clear signal to identify, what would we expect there at what time.


A photo gallery to have a closer look about the place. And a summary of reviews, to know what other people think about that place.



That was for me, try searching for yourself. When I did that (try searching for you people). This is what I found (do you recognize any of this place?)



Search terms for you to try

Below are some useful search terms you can try searching in Google Maps. Or if you are too lazy to go through all of this mess, keep visiting this page. Soon, I’m going to add more exciting features in this post and you’ll be able to consume a handy list of some great places to study in Singapore.

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  1. Wayne Tan

    September 17, 2016 at 10:41 am

    You guys can check out Desk Next Door at block 416 ang mo kio. Tried studying there before for my exams, really super conducive and affordable. Free wifi, charging point and water dispenser, the best thing is that there are a lot of feed centres nearby the place and you can even stop the hours when you go for breaks. if I am not wrong the website is

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