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10 Best Countries to Study Abroad Where Half of World Wanna go in 2022


10 Best Countries to Study Abroad Where Half of World Wanna go in 2022

Wanna know the best countries to study abroad?

What if I tell you about countries where almost half of the world wants to pursue their education abroad?

You bet...

In the coming lines, I have the top 10 study abroad destinations popular with the students.

Now whether it is the cheap cost of living, the charming locals, the beautiful landscapes. OR...

..if it is the highest education standard that makes them the best countries for study abroad.

I'll discuss 'em all. Stay tuned!

A Handy List of Best Countries to Study Abroad for 2022

These are some of the great study abroad destinations of the world, we have piled up for you.

I’m not grading these countries from best to worse.

Else, sorting them in a way they cast a spell on me (Most to Least). Feel free to change the order but I believe these are the best countries to study abroad where the magic exists.

Just pack up and go there if you are going to study abroad.



IMAGE: Shutterstock

Beautiful culture, love in the air and a sense of being loved. Because ‘Paris loves lovers’ so the whole of France does.

Education mode is French. But there are many disciplines that are also available in the English language.

And for those courses graduation is mandatory.

Paris is one of the top destinations for inbound mobile students. Hosted about 298,000+ students during the year 2014-2015.

The tuition fee is remarkably low. Engineering, Humanities & social sciences are some popular courses to study in France.

There are many Universities in France that are actually the best ones to study abroad. Mainly, École Normale Supérieure and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, etc.



IMAGE: Telegraph

Germany is an important European hub in the field of science and technology.

And the most preferred study destination of Europe also.

In 2013-2014, there were over 301,300 international students in the country. Studying in different German institutions at different levels.

Almost all German schools offer scholarships to the international students. And lots of it (scholarships/grants).

If you are recently graduated and looking for scholarships to study abroad. Then my recommendation for the best countries to study abroad on scholarship would be Germany.

Because there are heavy scholarships for graduate and postgraduate scholars.

Popular disciplines there (as I talked in the intro) are mostly related to technology.

As far as tuition fee is concerned, you can say it is very low up to no tuition fee level, means its exceptionally low. This way it also qualifies for the cheapest countries to study abroad.

Munich and Berlin come with the top academies in the country.



IMAGE: Freeaussiestock

Australia is a very popular country to go for study abroad. A strongly wished-for land of Asian (more often Indian) students.

After the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, this is most sought-after destination.

247,000 (approx.) students were delivered the Australian higher education degree in 2013.

The cost of living is comparatively low when to talk about the cost of living in UK and USA.

Sydney and Melbourne are notable metropolitan areas, with the major Australian schools in the country.



IMAGE: Canadianphotographyblog

A happiest multicultural nation. Where English and French are widely spoken languages throughout the country.

Canada entertained over 268600 international students in the country during the year 2013-2014. And so was in the list of top 10 most desired study destinations of the year.

Canada is a cool country both for the living and studying. They have high standards in education. Which leads to a greater number of opportunities in this field for sure.

Important cities include Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

The cost of living is slightly lower than the all above-stated countries.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

IMAGE: Hardens

The UK is a right mix of cultures.

Almost all type of people from around the globe live, study, and work here. The UK hosts lots of students every year.

In the list of best countries to study abroad, it falls second on the list. After the US, it is considered the most desired country mapped by the students to study abroad.

Around 293000 students were admitted to the UK’s different educational institutes in 2014. Where most of the students were from China, U.S, India, Nigeria, and Germany.

Best universities in the country are the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge.

I’m sure many of you guys may know Great Britain just because of Oxford or Cambridge. Isn't that true?



IMAGE: Gece hayatı

Go to Italy for your studies abroad...

..if you are looking for an ancient and the modern blend of educational monasteries.

Italy is the home of early age Universities, having their roots in the twelfth century.

You can see a deep impression of the past days on the walls of the University of Bologna. Yes, it was established in 1088.

Similarly, the University of Naples Federico II, and the University of Siena, and ... the list goes on.

Notable disciplines to go for are arts & design, architecture, and applied sciences.



IMAGE: Shutterstock

China is said to be the most popular study destination after US and UK.

Gained the value and strength from previous years in having most inbound international students in the country.

There were about 377000 international students in the country during 2013-2014.

Most noteworthy is that it's most liveable land. China is one of the best suitable places for living and studying as a foreigner.

It cost you like staying and studying in your home country. It gives you access to the world-class institutes with a very low tuition fee.

Cheap food, inexpensive travel, low-priced everyday things and good neighbors like Singapore. Which is, yet another cool study destination.

What else would you like best about the best countries to study abroad?



IMAGE: Digitourist

Around 189198 international students made their way to Spain in 2014 to study abroad.

The number seems growing from the past years. And it also has a sizeable percentage of American students.

Best cities are Barcelona and Madrid, two of the hottest tourist spots in the world. Because Spain has an exclusive social environment, thus people there are very friendly.

The cost of living is pretty OK. The tuition fee isn’t that high either.

And overall, Spain makes it an affordable and worth studying abroad country.

United States

United States

IMAGE: Wojtek Witkowski

It is reported that the US is hosting a huge number of international students since 1940.

And this figure is greater among the world's best countries to study abroad.

In each season, an average of 75000 students took admission. And study in different US colleges or Universities countrywide.

Furthermore, 974000 students took their higher education in the United States during 2013-2014. 60% of which were from China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

In 2015, these International students brought $30 billion to the US economy.

On the economic terms, it is quite huge. And so, enough to judge the quality delivered in the academic institutions of a country.

Boston and San Francisco are major student cities. Both are top expensive but highly desirable study spots of the United States.



IMAGE: Shutterstock

Study abroad in Japan would be a wise move for multiple reasons.

First of all, they have a very rich culture.

And then, they have plenty of Nobel prize winners. land of peace, safety, and martial arts, etc. The list grows.

The number goes to 139185 if talk about the mobile students throughout the year 2014 in the country.

Japan is one of the best countries for management studies. Humanities and engineering are some other major discipline to study in Japan.



IMAGE: Shutterstock

It is a beautiful country with its mesmerizing landmarks, clean air, and sociability.

They have a fine educational system, an appropriate proportion of inbound mobile students. Moderately fair tuition fee, and high living standards.

Official languages are French, Italian, German, and Romansh. But English is also spoken within the country. Which means you could find a couple of good institute in Switzerland where English is the mode of education.

The cost of living is rather high because of the expensive food items. According to an estimate, it could cost you between $1,600 and $2,600 for one month stay in Switzerland.

A little exorbitant, but Switzerland possess every single quality that all other best countries to study abroad do.

Hey, I’m Shahzaad Kamboh, the man behind I think I'm a blogger, writer, analyst, and an art aficionado. But you can rather call me an addict, mastering the art of business administration and Injecting the love-n-hate of words-n-webs.

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