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Best Countries to Study Abroad to Best Value Your Time & Money


Best Countries to Study Abroad to Best Value Your Time & Money

The best countries to study abroad ranked by the different news sites are mostly numbers.

While I also put a hand on people's pulse.

And now I can tell you about the 10 top countries to study abroad where almost half of the world wants to go till 2025.

You bet...

In the coming lines, I have the top 10 study abroad destinations popular with the students.

Now whether it is the cheap cost of living, the charming locals, the beautiful landscapes. OR...

..if it is the highest education standard that makes them the best countries for study abroad.

I'll discuss 'em all.

Stay tuned!

International Student's Fairytale Lands AKA The Best Countries to Study and Work Abroad

What makes these countries the top destinations for international students?

Here is what we saw students view in the best countries:

  • People, Culture, and Climate.
  • Campus Life, Education Mode/Quality.
  • Historical Attractions
  • Career and Professional Outcomes.

So based on how students view different countries, we've piled the top 10 best places to study in the world.

The rest is just trash. You can through them in the basket. 😉

A Handy List of Best Countries to Study Abroad for 2024

These are some of the great study abroad destinations of the world, where the whole world has an interest.

I’m not grading these countries from best to worse.

Else, sorting them in a way they cast a spell on me (Most to Least).

Feel free to change the order. But I believe these are the best countries for education abroad where the magic exists.

Just pack up and go there as these are the top places to study abroad on earth.

1. France


IMAGE: Shutterstock

Capital: Paris
Language: French
Climate: Temperate
Global Ranking: 57
Cost of Living: $997.4
Hosting Int. Students: 252,444
Uniqueness: Lovers destination.


The beautiful culture, charm, and glamour of France is one kind of a thing. And if it is the capital, Paris, you can't even think otherwise.

Because, yeah, you got it, ‘Paris loves lovers’. Love in the air and a sense of being loved throughout the city.

Alright so, there are thousands of public/private higher education institutions. Including universities, colleges, and professional education schools called grandes ecoles.

The education mode is French. But there are numerous opportunities also available in the English language.

Paris is also one of the top destinations for inbound mobile students. It hosted about 392,630+ students during the year 2022-2023.

The tuition fee is meager. Art, Engineering, Humanities & social sciences are popular courses to study in France.

Many Universities in France are the best ones to study abroad. Mainly, École Normale Supérieure and Sorbonne Université, etc.

All that makes it an ideal study location for high-class degree & experience seekers.

Side Note

Pierre and Marie Curie University – Paris, France.

Paris City, France.

IMAGE: AG photographe

An 11th century school of medicine and science that is still present in the heart of France, Paris. In 2018, UPMC merged with Paris-Sorbonne University and is now called Sorbonne University.


Shanghai world rankings give it a top position. Comes as 7th European University in the list, and world ranking is top 5th.

Sorbonne offers 25 various programs to the international students. For which the selected candidate also receive the financial assistance. The language preparation support and other encouragement is also a part of the plan.


Paris as an area, location or place is filled with smaller, tiny-many wonders. I mean what if I tell you something that I shouldn’t but you still like to know? A wonder for you, definitely.

If you haven’t been there or you never been aware. Once there, you’ll be able to find condom vending machines in the streets of Paris. (Ops! I shouldn’t tell you that.)

More than 1100 city bars would be waiting for you get drunk. 1700 bakeries are there to offer you delicious baguettes. 6000 beautiful streets for you to get lost some day. And half a million trees to provide you fresh oxygen every day.


It says Paris loves, lovers. If you are that type of human being, this must be the right time to fell in love with Paris.

2. Germany


IMAGE: Telegraph

Capital: Berlin
Language: German
Climate: Temperate
Global Ranking: 14
Cost of Living: $1012.4
Hosting Int. Students: 368,717
Uniqueness: Scholarships hub.

Germany is an important European hub in the field of science and technology. And so the most preferred study destination in Europe.

No doubt Germany is becoming the hot study destination for international students.

I've some intriguing details to back my analysis.

Over 349,438 international students make their way to study in Germany For 2023-2024.

They were all admitted to study in different German institutions at different levels.

That number makes it possible for a couple of reasons.

For example, almost all German schools offer scholarships to international students. And lots of scholarships or grants.

If you have recently graduated and are searching for scholarships to study abroad.

Then Germany would be my no. 1 recommendation in the index of good countries to study abroad on scholarship.

Because there are heavy scholarships for graduate and postgraduate scholars.

Popular disciplines there (as I talked about earlier) are mostly related to technology.

As far as tuition fees are concerned, it is very low up to no tuition fee level, which means it's exceptionally low.

This way it also qualifies for the best cheapest countries to study abroad in Europe.

Munich and Berlin come with the top academies in the country.

Side Note

Free University of Berlin – Berlin, Brandenburg.

Berlin City, Germany.

IMAGE: Westend61

Freie Universität or Free University of Berlin is a renowned university of Berlin.


Established in 1948. After tireless work of professors, students, and other workers. It was elected for Excellence Initiative in 2007 organized by Federal Government of Germany and the federal states.

There were 9 other Universities in the line along with the Free University to receive that distinction.

At current, Freie Universitat is a notable research center of Germany who needs no definition.


Berlin is one of the earliest city which has records to be known in early 1237. Though many people consider this the way more ancient than 1237 but anyhow.

The berlin wall that covers the major portion of the berlin’s history. And almost the whole of West Berlin has been one of the hottest topic and tourist attraction in Germany. You can still find some pieces of its ruins at present.

With over 965 small bigger bridges and the streams/canals, it has become a more beautiful place in actual than what one can describe in word.


A way to learn the brilliant Berlin art. Sail its water lakes, swimming, biking and many other things this has to offer you.

3. Australia


IMAGE: Freeaussiestock

Capital: Canberra
Language: English
Climate: Tropical, Arid, Temperate
Global Ranking: 13
Cost of Living: $1064.7
Hosting Int. Students: 458,279
Uniqueness: The bush and the outback.

Australia is a very popular country to study abroad for all international students.

After the United States, the UK, and China, this is the most sought-after destination. You know, a strongly wished-for land to study abroad.

Just to give you an idea. Approximately, 463,643 students got Australian higher education degrees in the year 2020.

Now let's talk about why Australia is a favorite destination among international students.

First off, the huge range of their high-ranked study institutions welcomes international students.

Then the people, they are very gentle and friendly. Australia has amazing climates and of course, beautiful natural wonders are another attraction.

The cost of living is comparatively low when talking about the cost of living in the UK and the USA.

Sydney and Melbourne are the notable metropolitan cities, homing the country's big universities.

Side Note

The University of Queensland – Brisbane, Australia.

Brisbane, Australia.

IMAGE: Demosthenes Mateo Jr

The University of Queensland (UQ) enjoys a pivotal place in almost every single ranking.

Whether it is Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings. Or Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings Or US News Best Global Universities Rankings.


UQ is always seen as Australia’s one of the most appreciated research & teaching center.

They have the best faculty out there.

UQ becomes a most preferred study destination by offering the mode of study in preferred languages of the world. If a student doesn’t want to study in English as a first language he also can choose other Languages of the world.


The story bridge of Queensland was constructed in 1935 and is one of the biggest attraction of the city.

It has fast flowing rivers. Coffee culture, crazy nightlife, restaurants, and dining halls.

Speaking about the hall, the Brisbane city hall is the second largest in Australia. Its clock tower is raised up to 92 meters in height. A beautiful building to watch if in Brisbane.

Along with that, old spring hill water reservoir which is now an open opera house. The delicious lamington and queen’s street are some other things to add.


Opportunity to meet the wild dolphins. And feed them at Moreton Island National Park or Tangalooma Island Resorts.

4. Canada


IMAGE: Canadianphotographyblog

Capital: Ottawa
Language: English
Climate: Mild, Extreme
Global Ranking: 16
Cost of Living: $991.9
Hosting Int. Students: 323,157
Uniqueness: Maple Syrup.

Canada stands higher in the list of the top 10 most desired study destinations of the year 2023.

Interesting? Let's digg more.

Entertained 660,230 international students in the country during the study year 2022-2023. Now you'd say what all this fuss about?


Well, there are reasons why more and more students wanna flew there to study abroad.

Let's unveil 'em on you one by one.

No. 1 is that it is the happiest multicultural nation. 2nd, they have high education standards and a great number of research opportunities.

3rd, English and French are widely spoken languages throughout the country. 4th, the cost of living is slightly lower than in the above-stated countries.

5th is the large number of scholarships, grants, and funding possibilities. The rest is Canada's interesting diverse cultures, time zones, climates, landscapes, and landmarks.

Important cities include Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

No surprise that they say Canada is the best country for studying abroad as well as living abroad. Right?

Side Note

University of British Columbia– Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver City

IMAGE: Yun Han Xu

Twentieth-century University sites in a city that was burnt completely once in 1886.

Yes, Great Vancouver Fire. There was a fire basically to clear the land. But it gently engulfed everything in his path and destroyed the whole of the Vancouver.


Since 1915, UBC is multiplying its reputation on the world’s educational radar systems.

It is an important research & learning school in British Columbia. Ranking among world top teaching & research centers as well.

UBC let you join in their campus and their unique study styles in all possible ways. I.e. UBC exchange students, Visiting students, summer study abroad, and others.


The biggest Stanley Park is a great place to experience nature in Vancouver. It covers about 1001 acres of land.

Spectacular beaches, huge stadiums, lovely people, and sushi food. California Roll is the one (sushi food) example that you can’t come back without tasting.

It's all that you are going to enjoy in free while your study-stay in Vancouver.


There’s a place to get off your clothes publically and feel how it feels.

Wreck beach (clothing optional beach) is the only single place in the Canada to get nude on the beach if you want to.

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

IMAGE: Hardens

Capital: London
Language: English
Climate: Maritime, Moist, Temperate
Global Ranking: 28
Cost of Living: $957.8
Hosting Int. Students: 550,877
Uniqueness: The royal culture.

The UK is a student's first or second choice when thinking about studying abroad.

How come?

Because it is the land of the world's most known and esteemed schools of science, medicine, and art.

A fun fact is that most knew the United Kingdom as a country just because of Oxford or Cambridge.

Also because, the UK is the right mix of cultures.

Virtually all types of people from around the globe live, study, and work here.

The UK also hosts lots of students every year.

In 2023, about 718,085 students were in the UK to study in their different educational institutes.

Most of those students were from China, the U.S., India, Nigeria, and Germany.

That way, in the list of best countries to study abroad, it falls second on the list. After the US, it was the most desired country mapped by the students to study abroad.

Other than that, the UK holds beautiful royal cultures and history to explore. It's fascinating medieval churches, castles, or even ruins have a tale to tell to the world.

If you get a chance to study in the UK, you'll discover the amusing days and nights of the UK's blend of old to modern life.

Side Note

Imperial College London – London, UK.

London, United Kingdom.

IMAGE: TangMan

The current Imperial College London is a blend of 19th-century old schools.

The Royal college of Science, The Royal Schools of Mines, The City & Guild Colleges. All three were grouped into one to make the Imperial College London in 1907.


Since that, the Imperial College is making a long history in the field of education.

They award 6100 degrees annually. Forming an international community with over 125 nationals from all over the world.

If you are looking for the high standards in Business, Engineering, Medicine, and Sciences. Then this is what Imperial College of London specializes in.


London is the home of almost anything. I mean you can imagine to do and expect anything here.

Let’s say randomly, robbery? Worse but yes. Do rich people live there, of course, they do. Important landmarks?

It verily has worlds’ most recognizable landmarks. i.e. London Eye, London Bridge, Big Bang, Trafalgar Square. Culture? The unique one. What else? Everything else.

I’m not really exaggerating but London is a city that one must visit before dying. It’ll tell you how man has turned a simple piece of earth to such an amazing place.


Time to meet your favorite celebrity of the past (or even present) and take a photo with them at Madame Tussauds.

6. Italy


IMAGE: Gece hayatı

Capital: Rome
Language: Italian
Climate: Temperate Mediterranean
Global Ranking: 69
Cost of Living: $898.5
Hosting Int. Students: 58,508
Uniqueness: Arts and architecture.

Go to Italy for your studies abroad...

..if you are looking for an ancient and the modern blend of educational monasteries.

Italy is the home of early age Universities, having their roots in the twelfth century.

You can see a deep impression of the past days on the walls of the University of Bologna. Yes, it was established in 1088.

Similarly, the University of Naples Federico II, and the University of Siena, and ... the list goes on.

Notable disciplines to go for are arts & design, architecture, and applied sciences.

7. Dominican Republic

Basilica Cathedral, Dominican Republic

IMAGE: Gettyimages

Capital: Santo Domingo
Language: Spanish
Climate: Tropical
Global Ranking: 65
Cost of Living: $611.7
Hosting Int. Students: ...
Uniqueness: Home of the ancient churches.

This country has also given shelter to the ancient churches of the world.

One of the most ancient is the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor. Says, this 500 years old church has roots to the greatest explorer of all the time, Columbus.

This must mean a lot to any other explorer (student), ain’t that?

Besides, this beautiful ancient land has so much to offer to you.

And you’ll realize it soon after you clap on landing (It’s a Dominican Law to clap on landing) over there.

Side Note

Mother and Teacher Pontifical Catholic University

Dominican Republic City

IMAGE: Urs Blickenstorfer

PUCMM is situated in Santiago de los Caballeros. Santiago de los Caballeros or Santiago is a beautiful city of Dominican Republic.


PUCMM is basically a private sector community college-University established in 1962.

As an institute, the core of this University is to provide higher education beyond any basis. Without involving a religion, race, beliefs or social class values in it.

Their aim is to face scientific problems as a human and find their solutions for the humans.

PUCMM also facilitates the international students in achieving their academic objectives. And that is subject to their educational and cultural values.

They have short-term international experience programs for the interested students. To dive into their culture, to live with their host families. And to integrate Santiago’s cultural richness with theirs.


A Spanish immersion program can help you in learning Spanish as your second language. Learning living in a Spanish-speaking country is a most effective way of learning Spanish.

And PUCMM at Santiago is not less than an amazing idea. You better weigh it.


The beautiful campus of PUCMM covering the wide area of 950,000 m2 consists of marvelous gardens. The amazing green paths, make it a more attractive & suitable place for learning.

8. China


IMAGE: Shutterstock

Capital: Beijing
Language: Mandarin
Climate: Tropical, Moderate, Subtropical, Extreme
Global Ranking: 154
Cost of Living: $568.00
Hosting Int. Students: 221,653
Uniqueness: Cheapest cost of living.

China is said to be the most popular study destination after US and UK.

Gained the value and strength from previous years in having most inbound international students in the country.

There were about 492,185 international students in the country during 2018-2019.

Most noteworthy is that it's most liveable land. China is one of the best suitable places for living and studying as a foreigner.

It cost you like staying and studying in your home country. It gives you access to the world-class institutes with a very low tuition fee.

Cheap food, inexpensive travel, low-priced everyday things and good neighbors like Singapore. Which is, yet another cool study destination.

What else would you like best about the best countries to study abroad?

9. Israel

Dormition Abbey, Israel

IMAGE: Alphacoders

Capital: Jerusalem
Language: Hebrew
Climate: Mediterranean, Arid
Global Ranking: 34
Cost of Living: $1007.9
Hosting Int. Students: 13,277
Uniqueness: Sunny day almost every day throughout the year.

Tel Aviv is a contemporary city in Israel and is believed to be the first modern Jewish city.

It’s so rare that you get up on mornings and won’t meet the sun over there. The sun shines on this part of the earth on almost 300 annual days that are noticed.

Side Note

Bar-Ilan University – Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

IMAGE: SJ Travel

Located in an important district of Ramat Gan, in one of an important city of Tel Aviv, Israel.


Just like many others, Bar-Ilan is yet another public research university of Israel. Their area of expertise is researching on building leadership for the Jewish Nation.

Don’t panic. Bar-Ilan also invites other religious or secular students to learn with them. And within their award winning campus.

But it is always a good idea to join in them if you have any level of interest in Jewish culture or Judaism. As they ask their students (mostly or only for Jews) to be a part of Judaism learning classes. And learn at least the basics of the religion or more if want.

Bar Ilan opens its boundaries to international students as an exchange student. As well as an internationally admitted student in the University. They normally call them newly immigrant students or new immigrants only.

Beside conventional studies, Bar Ilan also invites tourists to their special courses. These short courses are to provide an oppertunity to learn in a Jewish environment... take part in there and learn in a Jewish environment.

Mechana is a popular short-term program, being offered in summer breaks. It is a kind of complete language immersion programs.


You can have lots of chances to enjoy outdoor or on beaches (that are graded among top ten best beaches in the world).

You’ll find the best Japanese restaurants there. Coffees and drinks are also available 24/7.


One quote that I’m liking the most about Bar Ilan is:

“At Bar-Ilan University we provide our students with “wings and roots” – the wings to ‘fly’ academically, scientifically – to push back new boundaries of knowledge, learn new things, explore new intellectual universes; and the roots to ‘bind’ them to this earth, to ensure they fulfill their moral and ethical obligations, and become better people and better Jews.”

10. Spain


IMAGE: Digitourist

Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Climate: Temperate
Global Ranking: 51
Cost of Living: $734.6
Hosting Int. Students: 82,269
Uniqueness: Spanish immersion programs.

If we were to describe Spain in 3 words, the nearest match would be the Art, Culture, and Friendliness.

Spain has an art in its culture and there's a culture of art. Art of presenting things or ideas and living an artful life.

You'd experience it reflecting on everything in Spain. Their language, literature, music, architecture, cuisine, everything.

Knowing that it's no wonder Spain has produced some of the finest artists in the world. Pablo Picasso, Dalí, Jujol, Goya, and Gaudí.

Now let me share a few important stats. Around 129,400 international students made their way to Spain in 2021 to study abroad.

This number has grown in recent years and has a sizeable percentage of American students.

The best cities in the country are Barcelona and Madrid, two of the world's hottest tourist spots.

Though it doesn't matter in which city you go, you'll get an exclusive social environment in all cities. Trust me, the Spanish are very friendly.

Moving on to the cost of living, which is pretty OK and the tuition fee isn’t that high either.

To sum up, studying abroad in Spain is worth it and Spain makes it very affordable to study abroad in the country.

11. New Zealand

Oamaru's Victorian Precinct, New Zealand

IMAGE: Jason Sim

Capital: Wellington
Language: English
Climate: Subtropical, Subantarctic
Global Ranking: 5
Cost of Living: $992.2
Hosting Int. Students: 43,699
Uniqueness: Wine and coffee.

You know what, New Zealand is awesome. And it has been a home of international students for a very long.

Almost 50,000 students worldwide studied abroad in New Zealand in 2021. And this has been the case for many years.

However, the most inbound students are from India, China, and Malaysia.

Side Note

Victoria University of Wellington – Wellington, NZ.

Wellington City, New Zealand.


Surrounded by spectacular parks & gardens. Victoria University of Wellington is stretched in Wellington city and Auckland.


Victoria University has got splendid building blocks. So it makes the whole campus a wonderful place.

They have a wide range of programs offered to international students. Including the graduate, postgraduate programs as a complete degree program. And one to two semesters long short degree or pathway programs.


You are going to taste world’s finest wine and coffee while in Wellington.

As two of New Zealand’s wineries are world’s most popular classic wineries. And both Wairarapa & Marlborough lies on the North and South of Wellington simultaneously.

Just like Seoul, free Wi-Fi is everywhere in Wellington. Just find one and hopefully, it’ll not ask you for an encryption key or password.

The Wellington waterfront in another attraction that is going to mesmerize you.


The prettiest capital of the prettiest country. Where you don’t have to walk for miles and you’ll meet someone who is actually a celebrity. Either a Hollywood celeb or a locally famous person.

The music is in the air which blows quite fast sometimes. So, be careful, or you could happen to change your plan to come back home.

12. United States

United States

IMAGE: Wojtek Witkowski

Capital: Washington
Language: English
Climate: Tropical, Arctic, Alpine
Global Ranking: 25
Cost of Living: $1132.2
Hosting Int. Students: 957,475
Uniqueness: Hollywood.

The United States has long been a popular study-abroad destination for international students.

Statistically, the US has been hosting many international students since 1940. And this figure is greater among the other world's best countries to study abroad.

Each season about 75,000 students enter different US colleges and Universities countrywide.

Furthermore, 1,057,188 int. students took their higher education in the United States in 2023. 60% were from China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

Let me share more interesting data with you.

In 2015 those International students brought roughly $30 billion to the US economy. Amazing! isn't it?

$30 billion is quite an amount. And so, enough to get the idea about the quality delivered in the academic institutions of a country.

Boston and San Francisco are major student cities. Both are top expensive but highly desirable study spots in the United States.

Okay so, are you going to go live the American dream? Lemme know in the comments.

13. South Korea

Hwaseong Fortress, South Korea

IMAGE: Alamy

Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean
Climate: Temperate
Global Ranking: 15
Cost of Living: $1,040.1
Hosting Int. Students: 111,568
Uniqueness: Free internet almost everywhere.

South Korea is a very interesting place and a very interesting country for many reasons. And has many stories to tell۔

First, there are a few weird things, that have a status of law and can only be found in Korea. i.e. their age counting system.

For example, a newborn baby can be two years old in just a few weeks. Interesting?

And second, there are lots of interesting stories about their people and culture. From their strange habit of eating octopus alive to must-serving in the army if you're a male.

Their higher education system is wonderful and ranks in the top position in the OECD listing.

Also, they warmly welcome international students to live, study, and work with them. Thus, making it one of the most popular countries for international students.

Side Note

Seoul National University – Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea.

IMAGE: Shutterstock

SNU lies in the midst of the Seoul, a metropolitan city and the capital of South Korea.


The first national university of South Korea built in 1946. It is considered one of the first research center university of South Korea.

Now they have a largest faculty team working for the University. Growing number of colleges, graduate and professional schools are also working under SNU.

They also have a huge record of graduate and undergraduate alumnus, who have studied. And still studying (higher education) on their campus.

The university has wide relations with other best educational destinations to study abroad.

It allows the international students to study at their campus as an exchange student for a semester or 2. OR, on the other hand, you can directly apply for a degree at SNU as a foreign student also.

The only difference occurs is the fees that you pay. As an exchange student you pay your tuition and other fees to your home university but study at SNU campus. But as an international student you pay your dues directly to the SNU.

Please refer to Office of International Affairs for more information or apply here.


South Korea is amazing as a country and Seoul is said to be the hub of Korean culture and wonders.

It is said a man gets one year old right after taking birth on Korean land. And a year further right after falling the New Year.

No matter if you were born in December and it is January now. You are 2 years old in Korea though technically you should be just a one-month-old infant. Weird ha!

Food is cheap. But beware, they can serve you dogs as a meet in restaurants.

Transportation fare is almost negligible. People are friendly, loving, and open. And they have no problem in sharing their relationship in public. They can often hug, kiss and share the likeness in public.


The Internet is free and everywhere in Seoul. You'll rarely find that your device is receiving some Wifi signals and it is a protected network.

14. Japan


IMAGE: Shutterstock

Capital: Tokyo
Language: Japanese
Climate: Subarctic, Extratropical, Subtropical
Global Ranking: 31
Cost of Living: $844.1
Hosting Int. Students: 222,661
Uniqueness: Culture and cleanliness.

Study abroad in Japan would be a wise move for multiple reasons.

First of all, they have a very rich culture.

And then, they have plenty of Nobel prize winners. land of peace, safety, and martial arts, etc. The list grows.

The number goes to 228,403 if talk about the mobile students throughout the year 2020 in the country.

Japan is one of the best countries for management studies. Humanities and engineering are some other major discipline to study in Japan.

Side Note

Tohoku University – Sendai, Japan.

Sendai City, Japan.

IMAGE: Sean Pavone

Tohoku is placed among the greenest city, the city of trees, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.


Tohoku is weighed as Japan’s pioneer in accepting female students. It wasn't just possible before this. None of a female student was admitted in any Japanese University before 1913. The year when Tohoku took that initiative.

And now it is the home of researchers, scholars, professors and students. Who are treated as individuals and without the gender discrepancies.

Whether or you are pursuing Tohoku as an exchange student or as an international student. There are multiple courses for you ranging from one to two semesters at Tohoku.

The University offers non-degree programs of different durations usually one year long. They have also summer abroad programs for their partner university students.

For more information please visit their international support office website.


Those of you people who love fox, there’s fox village you must go and visit. It is a huge place filled with foxes all around. I’m sure you’d like to cuddle with some beautiful fox or click a selfie with it.

Another notable mark is ‘the Ruins of Sendai Castle’, also known as Aoba Castle. It was built in 1602 and functioned till 1875. Must it be the greatest attraction for the history students?

They have appealing downtown shopping malls, museums, and attractive yet peaceful mediatheques.

Though a little expensive, but their fast moving trains are always on the time. The average delay is of 10 to 20 seconds which is the least number in the world.

Vending machines are also abundant throughout the city.


Rich cultural activities and festivals of Japan that are an amazing experience to be a part of them.

A chance to meet and live with the old people that are enjoying a healthy life at the age of hundred or more.

Possibly going to visit in some of the world heritage sites of Japan.

15. Switzerland


IMAGE: Shutterstock

Capital: Bern
Language: German
Climate: moderate
Global Ranking: 2
Cost of Living: $1,758.5
Hosting Int. Students: 57,972
Uniqueness: Rule of law.

Switzerland is a beautiful country in Europe, Neighboring France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Although widely famous for its banking system, it's also blessed with mesmerizing landscapes. You can't help but notice the high air quality, sociability, and cultural diversity.

Switzerland has a fine educational system too. You won't believe many celebrities also send their children there to study.

The country has a rising proportion of inbound mobile students. The tuition fee is moderate or fair but living standards are pretty high.

Official languages are French, Italian, German, and Romansh. English is also spoken at some scope. Especially within those institutes or places where foreigners study or hang around.

The cost of living is rather high because of the expensive food items and services. Did I tell you they maintain high living standards?

According to a rough estimate, it could cost you between $1,600 to $2,600 for a month's stay in Switzerland.

Sounds a little exorbitant? Ya, but it possesses every single quality that all other best countries to study abroad do. Or even better.

So if you're gonna study in Switzerland. You are gonna experience breathtaking mountainous sceneries, freshwater lakes, and whatnot.

The old towns, villages, castles, and forest walks are something you can't forget for the rest of your life.

Alright'O this is it..

But wait a second!

How do YOU refer to some countries, as the best places to study abroad?

Is it best because of a school's high rankings? Best because of a city's best living standards? Best because locals make 'em the most fun places to study abroad?

Or is it best near you because of the location, landscapes, or the history of your study destination?

And what if some places have all the above-stated qualities together in them?

What's Your Top 1, 2, 3 Study Abroad Best Places in This List?

Ok, tell me in the comment section what's your top best study abroad destination?

And right above we have the top ten of such destinations that are best for the students to study abroad because...

As an institute, they are matchless. As a location, it's mesmerizing. And as a city, it is most liveable, affordable, and desirable.

The courses offered, the faculty, the area, and the people around, everything is said to be the best.

But most of all, the students are found to have a huge desire for them.

This and everything makes these places the heavens on the earth for the students.

Hey, I’m Shahzaad Kamboh, the man behind I think I'm a blogger, writer, analyst, and an art aficionado. But you can rather call me an addict, mastering the art of business administration and Injecting the love-n-hate of words-n-webs.

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