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Best Study Abroad Programs, 21 Big Picks

Without any preamble let’s come to the point. If study abroad that matters? Verily, yes. Then what are the best study abroad programs? Well, right here ..


21. BYU study abroad

The Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

BYU Study Abroad

Image: BYU Kennedy

The BYU’s study abroad program consist of four sections to opt for: Study Abroad, International Internships, International Field School, and Direct Enrollment.

This facility (study abroad) is provided up to 1500 students and more each year. Students can choose from the total of 116 program setups to study abroad in top-drawer countries around the world.

If you are conscious about the cost, then it is affordable as compared to others. As they (BYU) claimed their study abroad program cost about half of the others in terms of money. Students can even pay through the available scholarships or financial aids to the program.

If talk about the Internship programs that are also the part of the course, you can choose the country of your choice for your internship installment.

To apply, you have to sign up at and send your application right from your BeSmart dashboard. And if you are thinking of applying from outside the United States, you first have to submit your documents to International Education Research Foundation (IERF) for the evaluation. IEFF would take 15 to 20 business days and charge you $165 as international evaluation fee.


20. AIFS study abroad

The American Institute For Foreign Study

AIFS Study Abroad

Image: AIFS Resources

A private institution who provides a couple of connected services including study abroad, cultural exchange, insurance, travel and summer camps, etc.

It was founded in 1964 by Sir Cyril Taylor and now they have six offices around the globe, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States.

It is undoubtedly a resourceful organization that on connecting with them, adds a lot of value in return.

Though this is a profit motive business model but looks quite a fair deal. I mean they have appropriate fee structures that are normally in dollars to cut the shit down (unnecessary currency conversions/fluctuations and other hassles to save their international clients outside the United States).

AIFS study abroad package includes housing and meal plans, the students can choose to go for a homestay, independent living or a hall residency. Social, cultural and field activities. Student advisory, thousands of dollars scholarships and much more attractions.


19. UF study abroad

The University of Florida, Gainesville

UF Study Abroad

Image: UFL Resources

UF organizes information sessions for the students who are interested in UF study abroad program.

Attendees discuss their priorities, available solutions, educational career, financial dealings and other application procedures with an UF study abroad program advisor. There they come up with the best that define their needs.

The best thing is, their study abroad program advisors are almost everywhere in the world.

To make an appointment please refer to the UF study abroad appointments page and plan a meet up with a study abroad counselor or senior students from the country where you are seeking for.


18. NCSU study abroad

The North Carolina State University, Raleigh

NCSU Study Abroad

Image: Meritpages

NCSU offers two major types of international exchange programs at North Carolina State University Education Abroad Department.

First, NCSU study abroad program for the semester or academic year abroad. The other one is NCSU study abroad program for faculty lead or group programs.

As the name suggests, in a semester or academic year program, students can spend their semester or the whole year abroad while contributing the university credits towards their degree. Whilst, the faculty lead or group programs are the ones usually carried out in semester breaks, winter breaks, spring breaks or on special occasions only.


17. PITT study abroad

The University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PITT Study Abroad

Image: PITT Student Affairs

Pitt study abroad program was initiated in 1981. And with over 75 countries all around it is now a fundamental program of Pitt prospectus.

Because they are also partnering with Generation Study Abroad (GSA), an Institute of International Education’s (IIE) project, Pitt study abroad program is a good opportunity for the first time travelers. As along with the Pitt’s global team they can have and enjoy all the moral/other support of Generation Study Abroad (GSA) too.


16. USAC study abroad

The University of Nevada, Reno

USAC Study Abroad

Image: UNR Resources

University Studies Abroad Consortium or USAC study abroad program is the federation of University of Nevada, Reno. Active in study abroad business from the last 30 years.

In the span of 3 decades, students from nearly thousand universities all around the world have participated in USAC study abroad program. Which is, a big hit among all if talk about the best study abroad programs.

USAC study abroad program is available in 26 countries worldwide. And for the reason that USAC study abroad program is not commercially motivated and a part of the University of Nevada, USAC have moderately low and sustainable fees.

With a greater experience of studying abroad, USAC always got high recommendations from the USAC alumnus.


15. USF study abroad

The University of South Florida, Tampa

USF Study Abroad

Image: USF Resources

An IIE (Institute Of International Education) partner program, operating in several locations internationally in 25 and more countries.

USF study abroad program is open for summer study abroad, language or short-term abroad, semester exchange, service learning, internships, and dual degree programs.


14. UCONN study abroad

The University of Connecticut, Storrs

UCONN Study Abroad

Image: UCONN Education Abroad

UCONN study abroad program is open to participating in 25 countries abroad (along with and other than the United States).

Students can enroll in from about two hundred and fifty different courses of the total to one of their choices. Need-based scholarships, grants and other special events and packages are also subject to this program.

Beside study abroad programs, university of Connecticut also offers a closely related program titled as Honors Education Abroad/Away. In Honors Education Abroad, a student can choose to get in some (300 of the total in 65 countries globally) Honors (courses) which are actually a part of the Connecticut curriculum.


13. UC Davis Study Abroad

The University of California, Davis

UC Davis Study Abroad

Image: UC Davis Chemistry

UC Davis study abroad program comes with five distinguished sections. I’ll try to talk a little about each one of them individually. So let’s start from the below:

UC Davis Quarter abroad: UCQAP is designed for all the UC students to earn UC Davis units (13-24) in an international setup, up to the length of a quarter.

UC Davis Summer Abroad: UCSAP is an opportunity to experience different cultures of the world by participating in short-term cultural activities outlined by UC Davis faculty. UC Davis Summer Abroad program is open for UC Davis students as well as outsiders.

UC Davis Seminars Abroad: To sum up, UCSAP is a composite of site projects, field study, and group diversions. Commence in September, June, and winter breaks, last for 10-21 days, worth 2-6 UC Davis units in credit.

UC Davis Internships abroad: In UCIAP, there are further selections to make. Like one can go for UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships, UC Davis Quarter Abroad Internships, or the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) Internships. A wide range of possibilities.

UC Education abroad programs: UCEAP is at hand in 42 countries, alliances with hundred plus international educational units, and 350 plus unique program layouts.

To start your journey with UC Davis study abroad program, sign up to the UC Davis Study Abroad online enrollment portal.


12. Rutgers study abroad

The Rutgers University, Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers Study Abroad

Image: Rutgers Italian

Rutgers study abroad program is held and maintained under the title of Center for Global Education. Which is a subunit of Rutgers’ Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers).

They are covering a vast field of global education, defining global education as “A connection between people, ideas, and resources without the borders.”

So, you can say Rutgers study abroad program is just a small package of opportunities that they have aimed and prioritized towards the global education and bringing great minds, concepts or available capabilities together.


11. NYU study abroad

The New York University, New York City

NYU Study Abroad


NYU Global Academic Centers make NYU study abroad program very special in a couple of ways.

NYU’s study abroad administrative crew and faculty will guide you all the way in your destination city. You’ll be having their academic and moral support with you during all of your stay outside the campus.

The students who enroll in NYU study abroad program, no matter in what city or country they go for, will have a chance to meet with some of the most authoritative industry leaders of that country. It could be the top politicians, journalists, or scholars.

Alongside, you’ll be exploring the country’s history, culture and economy with NYU study abroad faculty/team to have a first-hand experience of everything you’ll be going through.


10. UGA study abroad

The University of Georgia, Athens

UGA Study Abroad

Image: UGA Music

As a record, annually around 2,000 participants complete their study while studying abroad with UGA study abroad program.

UGA study abroad program involves study abroad, research abroad, internships abroad, and other studies abroad patterns. Students can transfer their UGA credits, earn UGA credits and degrees while studying outside the campus and their home country.

UGA study abroad program sessions ranges between 2 to 52 weeks normally.

University of Georgia International Education makes this facility available in above 60 countries and in several other languages (along with English) of the world.


9. TAMU study abroad

The Texas A&M University, College Station

TAMU Study Abroad

Image: TAMU Mays

TAMU study abroad experiences hem in certain subdocuments. I.e. International study exposure, research work abroad, interns abroad, volunteering abroad, and short terms learning abroad.

In TAMU study abroad program, students can either choose to go for individual study abroad plans or the group study abroad plans.

These groups can be the short ones (small groups), only the selected candidates participate in it. OR the long groups (big groups) with a variety of scholars and researchers.


8. ASU study abroad

The Arizona State University, Tempe

ASU Study Abroad

Image: ASU College

First, let’s talk about the ASU’s necessary measurements taken purposefully towards ASU study abroad program to encourage the students to study abroad.

ASU study abroad squad subjectively monitors all of their studies abroad locations worldwide to help their students at any time. They will rich you with the information, instructions, and area specific guidelines in order to keep you safe, and teach you how you can stay safe and on the track in a foreign country.

As far the financial guidance is in question, ASU has provided almost one million dollars in respect of study abroad scholarships and grants. Fair enough?


7. UCLA study abroad

The University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Study Abroad

Image: Kilroy Education

The University of California Study Abroad Program (UCEAP or UCLA) is unique to 115 international academies (universities), in 42 nations throughout the world.

The learning objectives are to earn the UC units, keeping the status of University of California students and getting/completing the degree on time while spending their time somewhere in the world outside the University of California, Los Angeles campus.

UCLA study abroad programs blocks are summer study abroad, quarter abroad, semester abroad, or a year abroad. One can enter in for anyone of it.

To prepare or motivate yourself for the UCLA study abroad program, go to the UCLA Returnees page and talk with UCLA Recent Returnees to know more and inspire yourself for studies abroad.

On the other side of the page, UCLA also awards a supply of international scholarships and financial aids to the eligible scholars.

UCLA is also a commitment partner of Generation Study Abroad Project.


6. UIUC study abroad

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

UIUC Study Abroad

Image: Illinois

Illinois abroad and global exchange indexes 400 courses to make a selection from to study abroad with the University of Illinois.

UIUC clears the path and makes it a four step route for the students who are interested in studying abroad with UIUC.

In the first step, you’ll have to attend the one-hour in-person information session with UIUC. In it, you’ll get to understand all the preliminary stuff you should have to know. Something like, what is study abroad? The benefits of studying abroad, curricula, how long will it take, location, expense, financial aid or scholarships. The procedures and the ways to make your application. In short, all that handy information from an authenticated source at one place.

Next step is to shortlist your subjects and make combinations of your choices. UIUC calls this creating a study abroad suite case. Whatever you’ll save in your study abroad suite case, UIUC will super rich you with all the updated information, schedules, and policies, etc.

Then, as you dig deeper, and reach your final decision, UIUC program assistants will help you further by answering all of your questions regarding your application and local information about your destination (country of your choice). They’ll guide you about all the upcoming events, when and they about to happen, deadlines, and all that.

Now that if feel likes to go, the fourth step is to apply!


5. Purdue Study abroad

The Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue Study Abroad

Image: Purdue University

Purdue study abroad program functions in 45 and more countries around the sphere. To begin, take a start from Purdue study abroad pre-planning sheet. This will give you a sketch of what and you should consider. And what or how is it going to happen with you ahead.

Once you have enough of questions with you, a study abroad counselor from Purdue will help you the rest.


4. MSU study abroad

The Michigan State University, East Lansing

MSU Study Abroad

Image: MSU Today

Affiliated with IIE Generation Study Abroad. MSU study abroad program distinct in more than 60 countries with over 275 disciplines in the list.

They said to have nearly 3000 students in the MSU study abroad program every year. Who enter in various fields and can be seen working efficiently in different places/locations of the world.


3. SIT study abroad

The School of International Training, Vermont

SIT Study Abroad

Image: SIT

School of international training (SIT) is basically a non-profit educational organization backed by World Learning (The Parent Organization).

They facilitate university level study abroad programs i.e. summer study abroad, semester study abroad, etc. SIT works in 40 plus countries under the sun. When it comes down to it, SIT study abroad program creates opportunities for the students to map comparatively non-traditional places.

And bringing those issues into the debate specifically pertaining to those areas that are overlooked by others. And the demure problems of the people living over there.


2. UVA study abroad

The University of Virginia, Charlottesville

UVA Study Abroad

Image: Virginia News

Education abroad department of Virginia University collaborates with GSA in their study abroad mission.

UVA study abroad program embodies 38 unique studies abroad, 15 top majors abroad (including ‘Foreign Affairs’, ‘Art’, ‘Science’, and ‘Media’.), and in 18 noted countries. Students have got the leverage to join in their semester breaks, as a regular semester, or as an added in terms.

UVA study abroad program covers some of the very significant locations of the world. I.e. from Australia to Tibet to Morocco and each important fall in between.

UVA make it available for the student, like, during the program, stuff like field study and after the program, internship somewhere in the world. Where UVA study abroad professionals help the students throughout the course and assist them in every challenge ahead.


1. UNC study abroad

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC Study Abroad

Image: UNC at Chapel Hill

UNC study abroad program is available in 70 countries, with over 300 one-off programs all around.

They have a vast range of their study abroad program in which almost every single soul who is interested, can fit in. i.e. graduate, undergraduate or high school students.

They have the language study abroad programs, semester study abroad programs, covering majors, minors, and generals. Where students can study and earn their credits (12-18 per semester) abroad, anywhere in the world.

And for those who need financial assistance, can even apply (if they’re eligible) for the financial aid or scholarships (need-based) programs, designed and allocated specifically for the UNC study abroad program.



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