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5 Best Travel Insurance Companies to Deem First

If you are looking for the best travel insurance companies to buy an insurance policy for your next trip or more. Then these are the best travel insurance companies of the world that you should consider first before any other travel insurance company because …

Their services are efficient, they provide convenient travel insurance solutions, they are established (in the business for years), they assist promptly, they have a wide network. OR they do understand your trip better than you.

OR they do understand your trip needs & your wants better than you, etc, etc.

They possess either one of above or all. That’s why these travel insurance companies should come as your first choice for the best travel.

Years’ Best Travel Insurance Companies List

Below is the list of top travel insurance companies that operate globally. Starting from a very popular name in the travel insurance community:

5. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

John M. Noel set up and bring it into being in a form as it is now a day. He has been working in this field for at least 30 years, inventing solutions in international travel insurance industry. He is also considered a pioneer python of this game.

Besides John, there is another big name attached to this, Berkshire Hathaway. I’m sure many of you will recognize it by the name. Also, many of your concerns will have diminished just by knowing it.

Yes, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance is the parent brand of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

They have two major formulas for Travel Protection. The one is AirCare: Provides the solutions of flight cancellation, flight delays, missed flights, Bag packs (either delayed or lost), and many other bonuses.

Whereas in ExactCare provides all the aid, that one must need a worldwide travel assistance.

This is one of the convenient, reliable and instant solutions if you may look for in the best travel insurance companies.


4. InsureAndGo

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA or MAPFRE ASISTENCIA COMPAÑÍA INTERNACIONAL DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A is a multinational giant of Travel insurance industry, based in Madrid, Spain. And InsureAndGo is a part of this.

They operate their work on four continents, where they have around 161m beneficiaries all around. Estimates show the company has $76 billion assets and 35,000 employees who run the business.

Apart from Mapfre Asistencia, InsureAndGo is in business for over 10 years. And now yearly serves to about 2 million happy clients worldwide.

They have an incredible network, their team includes 2,000 multilingual operators, 145 doctors, 31,500 healthcare provider that together perform some of the very organized activities and services.

They were given ‘Underwriter of the year’ ITIJ industry awards two times, once in 2011 and the other in 2013.

InsuredAndGo provides almost all kind of international travel insurance plans and packages that are enough to finish all type of travelers.


3. Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance is actually a daughter company but gaining more popularity than of the parent Allianz SE. They made their way to travel insurance industry hundred years ago, not me, it is what they officially spread. Further, they were the insurer of Wright Brother’s first flight, Golden gate bridge and lots of Hollywood movies. What? Are you surprised or what? Maybe you’d be captivated in the spell of these magical lines. Aren’t you?

Truth is, they are globally very popular in travel assistance for real. That is why they try to cash all those myths attached to their company.

They keep the record of their clients, each year about over 13 million people prefer Allianz over other travel insurance agents.

They won Gold Trophy in 2016’s Travvy Awards.

Allianz offers four different plans for a single trip. Essential Plan and Basic Plan that cover up to $10,000 max. Other two are Classic plan and Classic with a trip, both cover up to $100,000 max.

In multi-trip plans, there are Annual Deluxe, Annual Executive, and Annual Premier Plan.

Along with the travel plans, they offer a very unique ‘Rental Car Damage Protector’ plan. By paying $9 a day, you can cover the accidental car collision with 24-hour emergency medical assistance.


2. AIG Travel Guard

AIG is for American International Group. They started their journey about 25 years ago in the insurance industry. And now they have very reasonable standards.

AIG travel guard is based in North America, and they claimed to be the no. 1 company in this region.

They said to have delivered their travel insurance services to the millions of people through their own channel and through other travel companies as well. Their records show they have worked with about twelve thousand different travel agencies and the number is still growing.

They have won CIO 100 award from CIO Magazine, and Confirmit ACE award for six consecutive years.

They have over 20 comprehensive packages (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Basic, Car, Flight, etc.) to offer. One can have one or more, also could compare to see either which one of them could fulfill their needs.

You’ll see two travel insurance policies (Pre-trip plans OR Annual Plans) are more popular at AIG Travel Guard. Policyholders can be able to cover a set of risks mainly medical, trip interruption, cancellation, delay and baggage loss, etc.

Just like a good travel insurance company, they assist their client anytime anywhere with their far-spread network.

If you are a business traveler, nothing is going to beat AIG travel guard in the line. Yes, they do operate for the non-business too but they seem to be more serious in business people and travelers. (Nothing should stop you from considering AIG travel guard if you are a non-business or leisure person, just because of that. Do give them a try and see how you find your solutions.)


1. World Nomads

Simon Monk (founder of World Nomads) bought to set up his journey of the world tour in 1989. Later he bought the domain of in 1997 and bring world nomads into being.

It was not in that shape as you can see now a day. On the contrary, it was like a blog. Where he used to share his travel stories and adventures.

In 2000, finally, they put the foundation of world nomads in actual. They were all independent travelers and they wanted to create something that they wanted too for themselves but was missing.

Freedom, Safety, and connection are the three base ideas, world Nomads cares and develops their business around.

Worldnomads have won innovation award by TNT Magazine Golden Backpack Innovation awards.

The main reasons why you should consider it first when looking for the best travel insurance companies in the world: One can buy a travel insurance when he/she’s already traveling and they think so. That they should buy a travel insurance. It’s not too late guys, you can still go for

With you have the leverage to extend your current travel insurance plans. It happens so many times when you are visiting a new area and you find it more attractive and appealing that you think. Oh! My God, I should have allocated more time for this. I’m staying for more days here to fell in love with this place for a couple of more days or weeks. This is where jumps in and help you staying as much as you want.

You can resume your trip and help in if your trip is interrupted by some unexpected circumstances and more. Not all but some of their policies are best if you think that a sudden interruption could occur.

With digital Nomads, you will be able to cover the loss of your digital equipment. With Digital Nomads you can insure your smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Kindles, Notebooks, Laptops, DSLR cameras, and Lenses.

The best is yet to know, if you need their assistance while you are any part of the world, they offer an emergency support 24 hours of the day. You just need your policy number to have their immediate emergency support.

World Nomad’s insurance is best for you if you are a solo type of traveler.

Best for adventure trips, because People at world nomads who shape their travel insurance plans are also travelers and they are better known an independent traveler’s needs. So they include in their plans and cover all the necessary items that are important near an adventurous soul.

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