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10 Kick-Best Pre-College “Summer Abroad Programs”

This article is the sequel to the article ‘’Best Study Abroad Programs‘. As we are adding some more specific programs, that are particularly addressing the topic Summer Abroad Programs, a subset of study abroad programs.

Here, I’ll be covering summer abroad programs for high school students as well as the sophomores. I would refer you to visit ‘Best Study Abroad Programs’ first if you haven’t yet. There you’ll find a more comprehensive list of best study abroad programs. In which almost all of them offer summer abroad programs as the part of their study abroad programs. And also read why study abroad is essential before moving next.

In the previous article, though almost every program offers the high school study abroad programs as a part of their study abroad program but here the focus will be particularly on the best high school summer studies abroad program organizers.



10. Princeton summer program

Princeton University,  Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton Summer Program Banner

Image: Princeton Resources

Princeton University encourages the students to choose and study those study abroad programs that will help them maximizing their language knowledge and the culture of their hosting country.

For this, they offer a variety of study abroad programs out of which summer abroad program is a tiny part of the whole proposal.

The program duration varies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks and more. Where the most programs are open to the Princeton applicants only.

Princeton summer program is categorized in further sections.
Princeton summer study abroad programs: Where different departments of Princeton University organize summer programs for their students independently.

The office of international programs (OIP) of Princeton University collaborates with the related departments to arrange language/area studies abroad.
The other type is of summer abroad programs that are actually the summer sessions of routine academic years.
The last one is the short-term study abroad program of Princeton University. To get enroll, you have to apply through IIE (Institute of International Education.)

Keep in mind, Princeton also cares about Princeton summer abroad programs and non-Princeton summer abroad programs. For further clarifications, you have to make an appointment with a Princeton summer study abroad advisor.

Princeton also funds the students for summer abroad programs. For this, you have to send your application for review purposes.


9. Boston university summer program

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University Summer Program Banner

Image: Boston Resources

Boston University has to offer more than 25 summer abroad programs in several different locations of the world.

BU summer abroad program is for both BU and non-BU students. Where they can earn credits, get internships abroad and other related things to do in abroad.

To apply, start by filling an online application form.


8. Oxford summer program

The university of Oxford, Oxford, England

Oxford Summer Program Banner

Image: Oxford Resources

You’ll find Oxford grouping a wide assortment of study abroad opportunities including summer programs, scholar exchange, internships abroad, etc.

The students will have a chance to earn credits and make progress towards completion their degrees or just to do the short certifications.

There is also a range of scholarships offered by the university of Oxford, namely summer schools scholarships, Travel grants and expeditions, Oxford study abroad exchanges and other nominal opportunities.


7. UPENN summer program

The university of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

UPENN Summer Program Banner

Image: UPENN Resources

In the University of Pennsylvania, students can make their time by traveling the whole summer but still getting the degree credits. All of this is possible by UPENN’s summer program designed for the students in such a way that they can travel the world yet contributing their actual degree programs.

And all of these programs are open for not only UPENN undergraduates but also for the visiting students at UPENN.

These programs allow the students to immerse into another culture, enriching their experience, morale, exposure and degree at the same.

To apply, you must have to visit college of liberal and professional studies (LPS) at University of Pennsylvania.

There, you’ll find all the available opportunities and possibilities, locations, guidance, everything you needed to know about UPENN summer abroad program.


6. USC summer program

The university of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

USC Summer Program Banner

Image: USC Resources

USC outfits numerous ways for the students to have the international interpretation. And summer overseas program is one of them.

USC summer abroad programs are short-term (6-7 weeks) programs, offered in summer each year.

The students who enroll in the summer overseas programs of USC, travel & stay in different locations of the world, yet contributing towards their actual degrees/courses.


5. Brown summer program

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Brown Summer Program Banner

Image: Brown Resources

Just like many other popular institutes, Brown University’s OIP (Office of International Programs) also proposes Brown summer study abroad programs and non-Brown (where one can transfer his degree credits from outside) summer study abroad programs.

Brown’s OIP outflow many opportunities together with scholarships, student loans, financial grants and aids for the students (nationally or internationally).

Have a look at their summer abroad programs and manners for more detail and information.


4. John Hopkins Summer Program

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

John Hopkins Summer Program Banner

Image: JHU Resources

John Hopkins University extends study abroad opportunities to the students in summer. As they believe there should be a semester or a year abroad in every student’s life.

It must be during their (student’s) early (education) years, or for some reason, if they miss, the students should go abroad as sophomores. And even if they cannot go abroad, they still have a chance to explore the world (some recent places are: Cuba, Dublin, Florence, Ecuador, and Japan) with John Hopkins University during the summer. And it is what John Hopkins University summer program is all about.

Most of the courses in JHU summer abroad program are taught by the JHU faculty, and they aggregate in the value of student’s final GPA. Whereas the credit hours ranges between 3-6 credits.


3. Harvard summer program

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Summer Program Banner

Image: Harvard Resources

This is a great way to explore almost five continents (Harvard offers) and dozens of key locations worldwide with Harvard faculty. You can choose from a range of subjects (Languages, Cultures, Sciences, Humanities, Anthropology, etc.) you want to study abroad during your summer abroad with Harvard University.

To give a more understanding about Harvard’s super rich summer study abroad programs/experiences, Harvard University organizes information sessions. That are normally held during December and January each year.

The general restriction/conditions to apply in Harvard summer abroad program are: One should be at least 18 years, should have attended at least a year at college OR should be the first year student. And should have maintained academic position.

It’s also important, have a look at Harvard’s summer abroad programs policy and often asked questions.


2. Cornell summer program

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Cornell Summer Program Banner

Image: Cornell Resources

They also call it Cornell off-campus summer programs OR Cornell summer sessions. But more important is, how useful these programs are for the students who are willing to enhance their summer abroad experience. And according to my little research, these programs probably worth it.

Moreover, I’d definitely like to hear their opinion if any Cornell alumni is reading this, who have had a summer abroad with Cornell summer abroad programs.

Alright, they have a welcome guide page on their website which will answer almost all of your basic questions.  Like the payments, travel, credit hours, preparation, packing, etc. And if you still need the assistance shout out to them directly.


1. Columbia university summer program

Columbia University, New York City, New York

Columbia University Summer Program Banner

Image: Columbia Resources

You would be curious that why did I put it on the top. Are you? Well, you probably should.

Actually, while I was collecting the information & facts about some great summer abroad programs available now a day. And I came to know that Columbia University conducts the summer abroad programs in a distinct way. They treat summer abroad programs differently than a semester abroad programs or a year abroad programs.

There are a couple of notable differences in Columbia University summer abroad programs and Columbia University spring/fall semester abroad programs that you should consider.

In Columbia University Summer abroad program, the students will be among other international students while their stay in abroad. Which in general study abroad programs the students to sit and study with other local students only.

And the student will be able to choose either some language program to enhance their foreign language speaking capability. A culture immersion program or they will also have the option to pick a program that can aid to their majors (subjects) in the university.

In addition to it, Columbia summer abroad programs are cost effective. A lot of scholarships, grants, and financial assistance involve in the program, so yeah.


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